The first arcade arrival of Bandai Namco's great Galaga was compelling since it makes the shooting style one of the most preferable game genres. Presently, Galaga is celebrating its 35th anniv., and so Bandai Namco is having a brand new game prepared for this special event Galaga Revenge.

Galaga series by Bandai Namco are among the most exciting, classic arcade-action games that we all remember fondly.

In 2280, Void Squad, an elite, superior squad of fighter pilots was formed by the Space Force under the United Galaxy. By using the most advanced technology there is, this special squad is in charge of the safety in the galaxy and is responsible for dealing with any existing threats that may affect it. You will play as one fighter pilot of Void Squad and the perilous journey starts when you and your team encounter a new enemy.

For those who love shooting arcade games, you will be really comfortable in light of the fact that the game includes all the shoot'em'up actions of the first version by Bandai Namco. Still, there is a wide range of new frameworks and mechanics in play to keep players interested at all time.

Galaga Revenge
Galaga Revenge is promised to be extraordinary fun and coped with classic experiences.

You would now be able to pick between an assortment of spaceships, each one is equipped with different and unique abilities and weapons. The game even lets you pick your escort fighters, which are small spaceships that always cover you and be at your side while giving extra advantages and firepower. When difficult situations arise, your original spaceships and those escort fighters can even combine to release ultimate damaging attacks on the enemy.

You can find and download Galaga Revenge on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.