Free Fire is going to introduce to players a new type of skin that has never appear in the game before. It is called the Evolutionary Series. Garena just dropped a teaser for it on their YouTube channel and revealed that it will be coming to the game on October 25. The first Evolutionary Series skin will be the Blue Flame Dragon AK.

Let's check out the teaser below.

About the Free Fire Evolution Series

The Evolution Series will an even more powerful type of skin than Legendary skins. These skins have many levels for you to upgrade them and make them stronger. You can level up these skins using Diamonds.

Blue Flame Dragon AK level details

There is a total of 7 levels for the Blue Flame Dragon AK skins and they will bring the weapon a total of 5 different effects.

Level 1

The first level of the Blue Flame Dragon AK skin looks quite basic like a Legendary skin. It has black dragon scales texture and a crystal blue horn. There is also a purple aura flying around the skin.


Level 2

Level 2 of the Blue Flame Dragon AK will give you a custom kill feed with red and black color with a blue flame on top.

Blue Flame Dragon Ak

Level 3

At Level 3, the skin will have a massive change in appearance with a big blue Dragon wing.

Blue Flame Dragon Ak Level 3

Level 4

At level 4, the skin will have a custom blood effect. So instead of red blood like usual, enemies who get shot by the AK with Blue Flame Dragon skin will show blue blood instead. Other players can also see this effect and unfortunately, it will reveal that you are holding an AK.

Blue Flame Dragon Ak Level 4

Level 5

At level 5, the skin will give you 2 visual effects. The bullet flash and the bullet travel animation of your weapon will turn to blue with an aura around the bullet.

Blue Flame Dragon Ak Level 5

1blue Flame Dragon Ak Level 5

Level 6

Now, the skin will have a dragon face with a big blue horn on the muzzle part of the weapon. The handler and the magazine of the AK are also modified to look like the legs of a dragon.

Blue Flame Dragon Ak Level 6
The skin turns into the shape of a dragon at level 6

Level 7

Level 7 will add more blue-purple flame around the weapon and unlock the exclusive emote of the weapon.

blue flame dragon ak emote

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