In Free Fire, players can challenge themselves to players who have the same skill level through Ranked mode. There are 2 Ranked modes in Free Fire, one for Battle Royale and another for Clash Squad. Matchmaking in these modes is based on the tier levels of each player.

Free Fire Ranked
Free Fire features Ranked modes for players who like challenges

The highest tier in Free Fire is Heroic and it is the ultimate goal of all Free Fire players. By reaching this tier, you not only prove that you are one of the most skilled players in Free Fire, but you will also receive valuable rewards at the end of the season.

Here, we will give you 4 important tips you need to know to get to the Heroic tier as fast as possible.

1. Timing

While the tier system is designed to match players with the same level, it is actually easier to climb tier as soon as a new season begins. Toward the end of a season, there will be many more players who are trying their best to reach high rank so it will be harder.

If you want to climb to the Heroic tier as fast as possible, it is better to start early

You will still face tough opponents in higher tiers but there will be fewer of them if you start soon.

2. Have Your Own Team

You are not expecting that you will be able to go far by playing with random people on your team, right? There are all kinds of players and not all of them have the same goal as yours.

If you seriously want to get to the Heroic tier, you need a team with people whom you know and play with regularly. Having teammates who understand you is a massive advantage that random teams never have.

Maxresdefault 2
Having your own squad will make the rank climbing much easier for you

3. Have The Best Characters

Characters are a big part of Free Fire because their skills can offer players all kinds of advantages. Characters such as Alok, Antonio are really strong ones and they also fit many playstyles. Having a good skill combination will give you a much easier time in Ranked mode.

Maxresdefault 1
Alok is the best character in Free Fire because of his OP skill

4. Make The Right Call

Either being too aggressive or passive is not good in Free Fire. If you are inside the safe zone with great gears then is no reason to run around looking for enemies. Just camping with your teams inside the building and wait for enemies to come.

Free Fire Update Combat Tactics En 11
Sometimes, it is better to hold your bloodlust and stay back

Also, when the safe zone is shrinking or when your team is in a bad position, you shouldn't engage enemies because it is pretty much suicide. You have to think about the long run and aim for the Booyah, instead of being greedy for some kills.

5. A Good Custom HUD Setting

If you are still using the default HUD of Free Fire then that might be the reason why you are still stuck at low tiers. You should make yourself a custom HUD setting that fit your playstyle so you can perform the best in matches.

Check out our article Best Custom HUD Settings In Free Fire For 3 & 4 Finger Claw Style to learn how to make a custom HUD for yourself.