Among all products from the Garena, Free Fire has emerged as the video game that brings about the highest viewership on YouTube for the publisher. With the rapid development of modern smartphone technology and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming and esports, a lot of mobile games have owned a large number of views on many streaming platforms, including Free Fire indeed.

Free Fire

This impressive growth of mobile gaming on YouTube, especially the Free Fire, has been mentioned in a thorough post on the Twitter account of Ryan Wyatt - Head of Gaming at YouTube. 

According to Ryan, the viewership of Free Fire has constantly witnessed a sharp increase on YouTube, and it has reached the number 100B lifetime views. Obviously, the game now owns an undeniably important position in many countries’ YouTube in the field of mobile gaming.  

"Since its release in 2017, Free Fire has consistently increased in viewership on YouTube. It has racked up over 100B lifetime views. As has been seen, Free Fire has a great hold on YouTube in various countries when it comes to Mobile Gaming."

Garena Free Fire crosses 100 billion lifetime views on YouTube

From the post tweeted by Wyatt, two years after Free Fire’s kick-off in 2017, the game received a huge breakthrough in 2019, resulting in its surpassing many other games to become the fourth most-watched mobile gaming title that year. 

Garena Free Fire Youtube

The most notable upturn was inscribed in 2020 with a myriad of astonishing statistics. It broke numerous viewership records and reached the top of all time in a similar field in the month of October. 

When it comes to the viewership in mobile gaming on YouTube recorded in each country, India had the highest viewership share, topping the chart with a number of 26.2%. Other following countries also had high share statistics with 17% in viewership. 


In the South American country Brazil that the title Free Fire is most popularized, the share reached 16.5%, standing in third place in the chart. 

In addition, the information about the most-viewed esports event on YouTube in terms of mobile gaming was also announced, belonging to the Latino Americo League that gained a total peak concurrent viewership of 1.1 million users. 

Garena Free Fire

With many impressive achievements gained, mobile gaming is undoubtedly about to shatter a lot more records to reach new peaks in the next years. Also, many more statistics are promised to be shared on YouTube Gaming by Ryan Wyatt in the next month. 

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