The character system in Garena Free Fire is a unique feature that separates it from classic BR games like PUBG Mobile. Each and everyone in the character roster, except for Adam and Eve, owns a special ability. When in the right hands, they can take advantage of the powerful skill to completely turn the tide of the game. So far, more than 30 names are listed in Garena Free Fire's character collection.

hatayo firebrand
Hatayo or Jai, who is the better character?

Among all the available choices, Hatayo and Jai are two of the most popular characters in the game. Their special ability - Bushido and Raging Reload, get them a place in players' hearts. Let's compare the two characters.

Hatayo Vs. Jai: Special Ability

Hatayo's Ability - Bushido

Hayato’s special ability increases armor penetration depending on his lost health. In more detail, armor penetration increases by 8% for every 10% lost HP. At the max level, the armor penetration becomes 10%. This is perfect for those who constantly look for fights, or "living on the edge". Because the less health you have, the more powerful you are. But be careful, you may end up losing the game if not calculate perfectly.

Hatayo Bushido
Bushido increases armor penetration based on the lost health percentage

Jai's Ability - Raging Reload

Being one of the new addition to the realm of Garena Free Fire, but Jai has owned himself a spot thanks to his special ability. After the massive buff in the OB24 update, he's a power pick in the game. Guns will automatically reload a percentage of their maximum magazine capacity when players knock down a foe. The number increases from 30% at level 1 to 45% at the max level. Yet, Raging Reload only applies to ARs, Shotguns, SMGs, and Pistols.

jai raging reload
Jai just got a massive buff

Still, Jai's special ability still brings a major advantage in skirmishes and constant fights. Players can focus more on making the plays without the fear of running out of ammo.


As per the description, both of the abilities are great, especially for aggressive players. They encourage gamers to engage in fights, not just hiding or running across the map.  But when put on the scale, Jai’s ability is slightly better than Hayato’s. Ammunition is key in fights against multiple squads. And not having to reload repeatedly will get players some precious windows of opportunities.

Free Fire Jai
Jai wins out in terms of special ability

Hatayo Vs. Jai - Prices

Hatayo can be acquired from the in-game shop for 499 diamonds or 8000 coins. His awakened version will unlock after players finish the Awakening missions. On the other hand,  Jai is currently in the Character Royale, with each spin costs 25 diamonds. So, price-wise, Hatayo has the trump card for sure.