Garena Free Fire has a unique character system that you can see anywhere else. Each character, except for Adam and Eve, owns a special ability for you to turn the game upside down! Out of the 34 currently available characters, there are still some preferred by the community. Kelly and Hayato are two popular choices for passive playing styles. Let's take some time to analyze and compare their abilities to see who is better in Garena Free Fire.

Kelly Free Fire
Who is the better character in Free Fire?


Hayato is a legendary samurai in Free Fire. He has a passive ability called Bushido. It increases the player's armor penetration by 7.5% with every 10% loss maximum HP. At level 6, the armor penetration increases by 10% with every 10% loss maximum HP. Hayato also has an awakened version, which has an active ability called Art of Blades. It reduces the frontal damage by 20% for 3 seconds at a 50-second cooldown.

Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire


According to her Free Fire character description, Kelly is an athlete and a sprinter. Her passive ability is called Dash. At level 1, it increases the sprinting speed by 1%. When you max her ability, the sprinting speed boost increases to 6%, 1% for each level. Kelly's awakened form was recently reintroduced to Free Fire, known as Kelly "The Swift". This form has a passive ability called Deadly Velocity which activates after 7 seconds of sprinting. The first shot on target in 5 seconds inflicts 110% damage.

Kelly in Free Fire
Kelly in Free Fire

Who is the Better Character in Free Fire?

Both Kelly and Hayato are great characters to play within Garena Free Fire. However, if we're very picky about it, then Hayato may have a slight edge in this battle. His ability to penetrate armors is more practical in most situations. Shredding your enemies' armors will enable you to do more damage whether in close-range or mid-range fights. On the other, Kelly may have a good sprinting speed which enables you to cover more ground. However, there are not many scenarios where her ability is viable.

Hayato Free Fire
Hayato has this one in the bag