The Battle Royale genre has enjoyed a massive rise in popularity on the mobile platform. Titles such as Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile are now the frontrunners, pioneering the trend.

What makes Free Fire stands out from other games of the same genre is the consistent update schedule. The game developers make sure players never run out of content, adding in various new features with every patch.

Earlier this month, the Free Fire OB26 update went live, bringing in many new changes into the game. We now have new weapons, a revamped training ground, a dynamic duo system, and Battle tags.

They are one of the new features introduced in the OB26 update. In this article, we'll take a look at how to obtain these tags.

How to Get Battle Tags in Garena Free Fire

Battle Tags Profile
Battle Tags Will Be Displayed On Your Profile

Complete the missions below to get the respective tags:

#1 - Dominator

Mission: Eliminate opponents and survive to the last

#2 - Uncrowned

Mission: Eliminated opponents but did not survive till the end

Battle Tags All
List Of All Battle Tags In Free Fire

#3 - Best Pal

Mission: Support teammates by helping them up

#4 - Sharpshooter

Mission: Take out opponents from a distance

#5 - Wrestler

Mission: Take out opponents standing close to you

Battle Tags Gameplay
Gain More Battle Tags By Stepping Up Your Free Fire Gameplay

#6 - Peacemaker

Mission: Survive until the end but stay away from combats as much as possible

#7 - Ninja

Mission: Cool and collected, take the better terrains

#8 - Guerrilla

Mission: Move around and look for chances to strike