Three top teams will represent India in the Garena Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS), Asia Series. If you don’t follow the regional tournaments, the number one seed is Total Gaming Esports, the winners of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall. They will be accompanied by Team CRX Elite and XTZ Esports (previously known as Stalwart Esports), who were the first- and second-runners up respectively.

1. Total Gaming

Total Gaming is owned by one of the biggest if not the biggest Free Fire content creators in India - Ajay or Ajju Bhai. The team’s Youtube channel currently has over 14 million subscribers and boasts another 2 million on Instagram.

Ajju Bhai total gaming
Ajju Bhai owns Total Gaming

Ajay streams Free Fire on his channel daily to millions of viewers but does not play professionally in the roster. He has previously said that he's more than willing to be the 5th man in case of an emergency. Ajay’s identity still remains a mystery in the community.

total gaming champion
Total Gaming won the FFIC 2020 Fall

Enough talk about the owner, let's take a look at the players in the team. The Total Gaming roster has some of the top players in India:

  • TG FozyAjay
  • TG Vasiyo
  • TG Bala
  • TG Golden

The team has crowned the champions to one of the biggest tournaments in Free Fire history- the "Free Fire India Championship 2020" (FFIC).

2. Critical X Esports Elite

Critical X is a company owned by a group of avid esports enthusiasts who seek to develop the gaming community. Their primary objective is to dedicate and work for others of the same interests. With 12k Instagram followers and 13.2k Youtube subscribers, this team definitely worths more recognition.

critical X
Will CRX be the X factor?

They managed to finish in 2nd place to Total Gaming in one of the biggest tournaments in Free Fire history. The team celebrated the achievement at their gaming house and uploaded a vlog.

Let's check out their roster at the Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS).

  • PAHADI (MVP of the FFIC)

3. XTZ Esports

XTZ Esports organization was just formed in 2020 from Stalwar Esports and placed as 2nd runner ups of the biggest tournaments in Free Fire history.

XTZ Esports
XTZ Esports was formed after Stalwar Esports

The roster includes:

  • Sagar Patel
  • Indrd
  • Barcabdi
  • Jayesh Yadav mrhay
  • Hayley ff