Free Fire is a unique mobile battle royale game because it has things such as characters, pets, and weapon skins that can buff the power of weapons.

Normally, weapon skins will increase certain stats while reducing another stat for balance purposes. Legendary weapon skins will give you even more buff to make weapons much stronger.

Weapon skins in Free Fire will give the weapons certain buffs

That being said, there are some weapon skins in Free Fire that actually make your weapons worse because they reduce such an important stat of a weapon, making the buff of the skin doesn't even matter anymore.

So here, we are going to show you the top 5 weapon skins in Free Fire that will make your weapon actually weaker.

1. XM8 Aurous Dragon Skin

The XM8 Aurous Dragon Skin increases the range and the accuracy of the XM8 while reducing its Rate of Fire. This is very bad skin because it reduces your damage output significantly by reducing the Rate of Fire while only offer back a little more accuracy and range.

Xm8 Aurous Dragon
The XM8 Aurous Dragon Skin increases the range and the accuracy of the XM8 while reducing its Rate of Fire

The XM8 is already a very stable and accurate AR so its buffs are actually unnecessary while reducing its already average damage. In long-range fights, a slower rate of fire will make your bullet miss more. Never equip this skin ever even if you have it.

2. All Red Samurai Skins

Secondly, I would like to warn you about all the Red Samurai skins in the Samurai gun box including skins for AK, SPAS12, SKS, and MP5. These Red Samurai skins increase the magazine size of these weapons while reducing the Rate of Fire.

Mp5 Skin
These Red Samurai skins were actually designed by Garena to be played in a zombie mode

The magazine size is literally the least problem you are going to have with any weapon in Free Fire so the double ammo buff is basically useless. Yet, your weapons get a slower rate of fire with this skin.

AK, SPAS12, SKS are weapons with a not-so-good rate of fire. The MP5 has a high rate of fire but it has low damage, so we will have an SMG that can't burst people down quickly if you use the MP5 Red Samurai skins.

Ff Patch En 9
Free Fire Zombie mode

These Red Samurai skins were actually designed by Garena to be played in a zombie mode, but that mode never came back so these skins became useless. No one wants to buy these skins and they never appear in the store again.

So if you happen to get one of these skins back then, just do yourself a favor and leave them be.

3. M1014 Shark Attack Skin

Free Fire released a bunch of Shark Attack skins for several weapons, including the M1014, in the past. These skins have the same traits that greatly increase the accuracy of the weapon while reducing their reload speed.

But the M1014 shotgun is a weapon with a very slow reload speed and this skin only makes it worse.

M1014 Shark Attack
The M1014 shotgun is a weapon with a very slow reload speed and this skin only makes it worse

There are other M1014 skins that also reduce its reload speed but they have other useful buffs. Meanwhile, the double buff inaccuracy of this skin helps nothing because you will be using the M1014 in close-range fights only. You don't need more accuracy if the enemy is just a few meters away.

The reload time of a shotgun is pretty much equivalent to the rate of fire of SMGs and ARs. You need to keep popping in and out until the enemies die and the long reload time will give them time to counter-attack.

At the moment the M1887 shotgun is preferred more by players because it has higher damage, range, and reload time and you will pretty much have no chance against them if you use this skin.

4. SPAS12 Eye Of Pharaoh Skin

This is also another set of skins that are most hated among the Free Fire community because they make your weapon worse. These Eye Of Pharaoh skins don't serve any playstyle at all and were released only because they had the theme of the Elite Pass.

The SPAS12 Eye Of Pharaoh greatly increases the range of the weapon while reducing its rate of fire.

Spas12 Pharaoh Eyes
The SPAS12 is already really weak even without this skin

The SPAS12 was one of the earliest weapons in Free Fire. People used to use this weapon to counter players who use M1014 because the SPAS12 has a better range and accuracy.

But then Garena decided to reduce both the range and accuracy of this weapon. They're also a bug where you use this gun to shot at an enemy right next to you but only 1 bullet hit. Pair with the release of the M1887 shotgun. People started to stop using the SPAS12.

The SPAS12 has already been nerfing to the ground by Garena so you don't really need to nerf it more by using this skin. If you have this skin, good for you because it can stay in your collection to show and not to use.

5. Groza Eye of Pharaoh Skin

The last one in this list is also an Eye of Pharaoh skin, the Groza Eye of Pharaoh. This skin gives the same buff as the skin above. The weapon will have more range and have less rate of fire with this skin.

The default skin for Groza is even better than this skin

Let's think about it, the Groza actually has the highest range (75) among all ARs in Free Fire so there is absolutely no need to increase the range of it anymore. The Groza has a high damage per shot but a very average rate of fire. The rate of fire of the Groz is actually its biggest weakness and this skin is making it even worse.

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