When it comes to esports, pro players are the best individual in terms of skill, knowledge, and mindset. Since they both have talent and time to invest, they are always the ones who find out first what is the best in the game.

Free Fire is no exception. If you want to know how to fight, how to move, or what is the best weapon, just watch pro players compete in tournaments and you will have your answer.

So that what we are going to do today, looking back at the recent Free Fire India Championship 2020 to see what types of weapon do pro players prefer using the most so we can do the same in our game.

Freefire13102019 E0de
Pro players are the ones who know what's best to win a game

Primary weapons

Normally, you would want to have one close-range weapon such as a shotgun or an SMG to pair with a mid/long-range weapon such as an AR or a Sniper Rifle.

Surprisingly, we don't see pro players like using bolt-action sniper rifles such as Kar98 and AWM at all. Most players like to use an AR instead because they are more versatile. In a team, usually, there is only 1 player who uses a Sniper Rifle, some teams have 2 Sniper Rifles and that is it.

Kar 98 And Awm
Pro players actually don't use Kar98 and AWM often in tournaments

However, there is one exception to this, the M82B sniper rifle. Since the M82B sniper rifle has great armor penetration as well as the ability to shoot through Gloo Wall, many players actually traded their AR for the M82B.

M82b Free Fire
The M82B sniper rifle is an exception as it can penetrate Gloo Wall and armor

The 3 most used ARs by pro players are the AK, the SCAR, and the XM8. These 3 weapons are highly preferred by pro players over any other AR, even the M4A1.

The close-range weapon that was used the most is the M1887 shotgun. The M1887 is a double-barrel that can shoot 2 bullets quickly but you will have to reload after that.

M1887 Free Fire
The M1887 is the most used close-range weapon for most pro players

However, in a competitive match, where all the players have high-level skills, hitting those 2 bullets is not a problem. The M1887 also has a better range than other shotguns.

Most players would fire 2 shots when they saw an enemy and then put up a Gloo Wall right away if the enemy is not dead yet to reload and re-engage.

For players who don't want to use a shotgun, the MP40 is their go-to option.

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Secondary weapon

Most players in Free Fire don't really about their Secondary weapon option because they never use them in a fight so they would just pick a pistol or the M1873. However, your Secondary weapon can be a very useful tool and definitely should be carefully considered.

Most Free Fire will just grab an M1873 as their Secondary weapon and not even use it

Of course, pro players are aware of this and they actually know how to utilize their secondary weapon in combats.

The top 4 options for Secondary weapon of pro players are the Ice Wall Gun, Grappling Hook, healing gun. There are all valuable items that can provide protection for your team when used right.

Gloo Wall is a great item to cover you but it is immobilized so if you only have 1 Gloo Wall then you can't use it to push the enemy or get out of a really bad situation. With the Ice Wall gun, you can generate a wall that will move ahead with you.

Walls created by the Ice Wall gun have less HP than the normal Gloo Wall but it is still a great item nonetheless. The more covers you have the better. When you are in an open space in Bermuda and Purgatory, this is a priceless item that will save your life when you are being shot at.

Ice Wall Gun
Ice Wall Gun is a very useful secondary weapon

The Grappling Hook is also a great tool for the Secondary weapon slot. In fact, in Kalahari, it might even a better option than the Ice Wall gun because of the terrain of this map and the mobility that this item offers. Kalahari is known to have a rough terrain with much high ground.

The Grappling Hook will allow you to reposition and access these places with ease. Having these high ground will give you a great vision of the area around you. It is very to defend these types of areas as your enemies will have a hard time climbing up.

This item is also exceptionally good in Refinery because you can climb the tower there with ease. Total Gaming used this strategy in Refinery in one match and they have totally dominated the area.

Free Fire India Championship

Of course, that is not the only place where you can make use of the Grappling Hook. There are many other odd places that you can only get to by using the Grappling Hook. For example, you can se that Tg. MafiaBala climbed on top of the satellite dish with the Grappling Hook in the picture below.

Hindifree Fire India Championship 2020 Fall Grand

If someone is camping on the high ground you can also use the Grappling Hook to get to them in an unexpected way.

The Healing Gun is no doubt a very useful tool to backup and heals your teammate. The use of this item is obviously great because there is no such thing as too many heal items in Free Fire.

Now, you know what pro players love to use in big tournaments, what do you think about it? Note that this information is just for reference, you don't have to do exactly what pro players do because, after all, they are pro players. Sometimes it is better to play with weapons that you feel more comfortable with and create your own playstyle instead of copying other people.

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