Garena Free Fire is planning to release yet another big update in February 2021. The world's most popular Battle Royale game on the mobile platform will introduce tons of changes in the OB26 update. We're expecting two new characters, a new pet, gun skins, bundles, and more. Read on to find the possible release date of the next big update in Free Fire!

Free Fire OB26 Update Expected Release Date

If our speculations are correct, the Free Fire OB26 update will go online on 5th February 2020. All servers may be taken down for maintenance for a few hours, but not simultaneously. The maintenance schedule depends largely on your region. Look out for the specific time-frame!

Free Fire X Skyler
The OB26 will be a great update

New Features in Free Fire OB26 Update

Here are a few of the notable changes in the upcoming update of Garena Free Fire:

Reworked Training Mode and Gloo Wall Training

In the ongoing Advance Server, we can see that Free Fire developers had reworked the existing training mode. They also add Gloo Wall Training, allowing players to practice and learn more about its mechanics.

Ob26 Update
Reworked Training Mode and Gloo Wall Training

New Weapons

A new shotgun - MAG 7 and a throwing knife may be coming to the official Free Fire servers very soon.

Mag7 Free Fire
MAG-7 Shotgun


The OB26 Advance Server also introduces two new characters, Shirou and Mystery Character.


As his in-game description reads: “Shirou is the fastest delivery guy around.” He owns a passive ability - Damage Delivered. At level 1, whenever the player is hit by an enemy within the 50-meter range, he will be marked for three seconds. However, only Shirou can see the marker. The first shot on the marked opponent adds a 10% additional armor penetration. It takes 60 seconds to cool down.

Mystery Character

The Mystery Character is perhaps Skyler. Free Fire has announced the collaboration with the Vietnamese singer, Son Tung MTP. And this new character fits every description of the Mystery Character. His active ability is Riptide Rhythm. It unleashes a sonic wave, damaging five gloo walls within 20 meters at the base level. For every gloo wall hit, players get an HP recovery boost.