We all know the importance of having a great loot in Battle Royale games. And Garena Free Fire is no exception. With a pair of favorable weapons and a sufficient supply of consumable will help you to turn the tide of any fights. On the Bermuda Map, there are certain locations that offer a higher chance of getting quality loot. Check out our top three picks for the best landing spots in the Bermuda Map.

Battle Royale Free Fire Bermuda
Bermuda Map in Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire: Best Locations to Land in Bermuda Map

#1 Peak

The Peak is perhaps one of the hottest spots to drop on the Bermuda map. It's located right in the center of the map. Firearms and other equipment are abundant in this area. Remember to visit the few houses here for a fast and decent loot. However, you have to be cautious at all times, as many others may look to land at the spot as well.

peak bermuda
The Peak is a hot drop in Garena Free Fire

#2 Mill

The Mill is another popular location among Free Fire players. The loot is plentiful here, but it's super-condensed in only a few buildings present in the area. Therefore, always prepare to face enemies lurking around. This is a great spot for an ambush.

mill free fire bermuda
You can set up an ambush near the Mill

#3 Bimasaki Strip

The Bimasakti Strip consists of several houses yet contain an abundance of loot. Players can also find vehicles to rotate across the map right after landing. This area is located right in the center of the Bermuda map, which enables you to make plays so much easier. Hence, it's a beloved dropping zone for pros and high-skilled players.

Bimasakti Strip free fire
Drop in Bimasakti Strip for a decent strip

That's our top picks for the best landing locations in the Bermuda map of Garena Free Fire. Other honorable mentions are Pochinok, Factory, and Clock Tower.