Garlic Baguette is one of the most attractive dishes in the Land of Hydro, Fontaine. This is a simple but helpful ATK-boosting dish. Let's check out how to get and use the Garlic Baguette recipe Genshin Impact here.

Garlic Baguette Recipe Genshin
Garlic Baguette is a famous dish in Genshin Fontaine.

#1. How To Get Garlic Baguette Recipe

Garlic Baguette is a new cooking recipe in Genshin Impact 4.0. You can buy the recipe for this France-inspired food from the Snack Shop of the NPC shopkeeper Louis in the Court of Fontaine for 2500 Mora.

Find the way to the Snack Shop, which is not too far from the Hotel Debord. Go along the water canal a look down when you see a line of shop pavilions on the curving street underneath. Glide down and you will find the shop right in the inner curve, under the water canal.

Garlic Baguette Recipe Genshin
You can buy it recipe from Louis in the Snack Shop in the Court of Fontaine.

Besides, the Fontaine food vendor NPC Sanguinetti in the Hotel Debord also sells two pieces of this dish daily, costing 1850 Mora each. Therefore, you should unlock every teleport waypoint around this nation while exploring the map and doing quests to make life in Genshin Impact easier.

Get Garlic Baguette
You can also purchase ready-made Garlic Baguette in Hotel Debord.

#2. How To Gather Ingredients

Garlic Baguette is a 2-star ATK-boosting dish that is very simple to cook. You need only two ingredients to cook this dish, including:

  • 4 packs of flour;
  • 2 sticks of butter.

Flour is a common cooking ingredient in Genshin Impact. You can buy it from grocery shopkeepers like Sara and Azalai or restaurant and tavern owners like Chef Mao, Lambad, Sanguinetti, and Shimura Kanbei. Or else, you buy wheat and process to obtain flour.

Butter is available to purchase from many food vendors like Sanguinetti, Rama, Sara, and Verr Goldet. Alternatively, buy some milk to make more butter for cooking. You need lots of butter and flour to cook this dish and many other dishes.

Gather Ingredients
Buy or process flour and butter to cook this dish.

#3. How To Cook & Use Garlic Baguette

After getting enough ingredients for a Garlic Baguette, go to any cooking spot and kitchen with activated stoves to cook it. You have to cook this dish 10 times perfectly to unlock the automatic cooking function for this 2-star cooking recipe.

Once you unlock the auto-cook function for this dish, you can cook as many pieces of Garlic Baguette as desired at once as long as you get enough ingredients for them. You need to obtain this dish to complete the commission 'Principles of Aesthetics' in Fontaine.

Garlic Baguette Use Genshin
You need to cook Garlic Baguette for consumption and daily commissions in Fontaine.

Garlic Baguette is an ATK-boosting dish that helps boost the output damage for your characters by 81 for 300 seconds. It does not boost ATK for allies' characters in the Co-Op mode. Consume it before and during combat to deal higher damage to the opponents. Don't consume it after combat as it's not helpful for non-combat activities in this game.

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