Aunt Alice is not a playable character in Genshin Impact now but she still has a lot of fans. The mother of Klee is a human but she has God-tier power. Check her story out here.

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Who Is Alice?

Genshin Impact characters call Klee's mom 'Aunt Alice' familiarly. Though she is an ordinary human in Teyvat, Alice's power is now less than any Gods and Archons. Alice has not appeared in the game, but her power and influence are undeniable.

Alice And Her Daughter
Klee's mother is very famous in the story of the game.

Alice is a famous adventurer in Genshin Impact who wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide which unveiled many mind-blowing secrets. This character reflects Mondstadt's spirit of freedom the best. Sometimes, she just forgets to consider the consequences of her actions.

But Alice is OP enough to ignore those consequences. When the story of the Traveler began in Teyvat three years ago, Alice and her husband went on a far-away adventure trip. That's why players and the Travelers haven't met her.

Alice Klee And Albedo
Alice is also a renowned adventurer in Teyvat.

But a lot of players still expect that she will be come a playable character in the future when further stories about Mondstatds, Travelers, and Teyvat are explored.

Power of Alice

The power and ability of Alice were unveiled through many details in the game. They are clear enough to demonstrate that Alice has God-tier power.

  • Alice taught Klee how to make the bomb and destroy many stone fields in Stormterror's Lair.
  • The greatest alchemist in Teyvat Albedo called Alice a "night-omnipotent sorceress". She is good at many jobs and Alice is one of the most scholarly women in Teyvat.
  • Diluc commented that Alice and the Anemo archon Venti are the only two ones who could arrange the events in the Golden Apple Archipelago region during Midsummer Island Adventure.
  • Many players suspected that Alice has a special ability of time travel because she gave Barbara the "Idol Magazine" which inspired the adorable girl to become an idol.
Alice Has An Insane Power
Alice has insane power which can be compared with archons in Teyvat.

Many people in Mondstadt also rumor that if someone is strong and crazy enough to counter Gods in Teyvat, she must be Alice. A lot of players wish she will be released as a playable character but Alice's release date is still a question.

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