The recent 2.8 beta has revealed a lot of new information for the Genshin Impact community, including the upcoming banner and events. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a summary of the latest Genshin Impact 2.8 Kazuha rerun leaks.

About the potential Kazuha rerun

Currently, Kazuha is pretty much the best support in Genshin Impact without equal. His ability to crowd control and massively boost allies' Elemental Mastery has made him the most wanted character amongst 90% of players. However, as Kazuha is yet to have his first rerun, a lot of players don't have him.

Kazuha Spiral Abyss
Kazuha is one of the most popular characters usually included in all top Spiral Abyss teams.

According to the leaks, Kazuha will receive a new story quest as part of the upcoming Golden Apple Archipelago event. This event will also feature Fischl, with players getting a free copy of her through the event page. It is unclear if Kazuha's rerun will happen in the first or second part of the 2.8 update, however.

Aside from Kazuha, Yoimiya and Klee are also pretty likely to get a rerun. Apparently, these were based on the speculations regarding 2.8 Spiral Abyss' buffs - they point to Klee for the first half and Yoimiya for the second. Swirl buff shows up mid-patch, meaning Kazuha could fall on either side.

New 4-star weapon from Kazuha's 2.8 Story Quest

Looks like we are getting a free 4 star weapon for Kazuha in 2.8 to accompany his banner. It is among the final rewards of Kazuha Chapter I legendary quests. This sword is currently unnamed and cannot be refined. Apparently, the name of the sword would be revealed at the end of the quest - prior to that, it is only known as "Sword".

Stats of Kazuha sword

The sword offers a 510 base ATK and 41.3% ATK as a secondary stat. It is unclear if refinement is going to be available later, as in the first Golden Apple Archipelago event, players were able to get a free 4-star catalyst called the Dodoco Tales along with its refinement materials.

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Ayato with the new 4 star "Kazuha sword"

Free copy of Fischl

The main event of 2.8, "A Summer Sea Sojourn" (summer islands v2), rewards players with event currency (something similar to the Shiny Flotsam in 1.6). A free Fischl can be redeemed using 2000 event currency.

Genshin Impact Fischl 2
Fischl's higher constellations are really strong.

This is a great opportunity for F2P players to bolster their account with a good Electro support, or get more constellation on their Fischl. She is a very easy-to-build 4-star support and is usable in lots of teams due to her off-field Electro application.

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