Genshin Impact 3.0 looks almost like a leaky faucet these days, with new reveals literally every week. After the recent reveal of Sumeru's 7 characters, leaker Yelanlover has once again revealed more new content from Sumeru. A number of new enemies such as mushroom spores, ruin gargoyle, electro regisvine...etc have been revealed.

Sumeru Teaser
Sumeru is a tropical rainforest.

While the leaks are a bit blurry due to the low-quality resolution of the video, we can still make out the details, for the most part. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a number of leaks about the new enemies in Genshin Impact 3.0.

1. Mushroom spores

This is a new enemy type in Genshin Impact 3.0. There seem to be five different variants of mushroom spores with 5 different elements, with Anemo and Geo getting excluded.

These spores have a number of different attacks, but they are all fairly small range and don't seem to be that dangerous. It is likely that they would be a common mob in the region.

2. Ruin Gargoyle

There are 2 variants of the ruin gargoyle, one with wings and one without wings. There are a lot of differences between the two variants, but the winged version is undoubtedly more dangerous. It can also fly around and therefore a bit harder to hit. Below are videos of the Ruined Gargoyle - miHoYo might delete them soon so players should watch it as soon as possible.

The winged variant seems to focus on ranged attacks while the grounded variant can also charge at the player, closing the distance for melee.

3. Desert Bandits

The Desert Bandit is going to be Sumeru's main humanoid enemy type. Overall, they look a bit different from Treasure Hoarders and other humanoid enemies due to their Sumeru-esque aesthetic. These bandits come in red and green clothes, with the ability to throw sand in your eyes. Different versions of these Desert Bandits perform different attacks.

They can literally cover your screen with their sand attack, which is pretty annoying.

4. Mushroom Raptor

The Mushroom Raptor is a completely different foe who does not look like Mushroom at all. Overall, it looks like a gigantic bird-like horse, with a number of dangerous melee and projectile attacks. This enemy can also do a quick AoE attack around itself.

5. Electro Regisvine

The Electro Regisvine is the final leaked enemy in this batch. It is a new boss, with a number of attacks based on its Cryo and Pyro counterparts. It does have some unique attacks but they are few and far between.

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Electro Regisvine

The Electro Regisvine's specific drops aren't known at the moment, although it wouldn't be surprising if a new Sumeru Electro character require farming it.

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