Divine Ingenuity Collector's Chapter is the next event after the TCG festival in Genshin Impact 3.7. This new event has begun already. Check out how to play and get attractive rewards from this rerun Divine Ingenuity event.

I. Schedule & Eligibility

Divine Ingenuity Collector's Chapter 3.7 last three weeks. It started yesterday, June 8th, and ends on June 29th. You have to meet the following requirements to be eligible for this event.

  • Reach AR 20 and above.
  • Complete Mondstadt Archon quest: The Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

This is a rerun event in Update 3.7 but with new mechanisms and rules. There is a new feature that makes Divine Ingenuity more interesting.

Divine Ingenuity Collectors Chapter
Divine Ingenuity Collector's Chapter event banner.

II. How To Build Domains

Like in the previous Divine Ingenuity event, participants also use given mechanics to build their own domain. Follow these steps to play this minigame and complete event missions.

  • Complete Preset Domain

There are five types of Preset Domains. Participants have to complete all these domains before building their own Custome Domain. Try to collect as many Artificer Points as possible and complete the challenge within the given time by collecting as many Adventure Coins as possible.

Each preset domain has different gameplay, rules, and mechanics. Try to dodge traps, overcome obstacles, collect coins, and reach the target within the time limit. Then, you can claim corresponding rewards with the achieved points.

Preset Domains
Complete Preset Domains to receive 80 Primogems each.
  • Create Custom Domains

After completing preset domains, participants can unlock the Custom Domain mode in Divine Ingenuity 3.7. Then, they can build their own domains and challenge other participants. You will have many options for the base, terrains, mechanisms, buffs, waypoints, etc. to create your domain. You can also adjust the number of stages in your domains.

A new feature in this rerun event is enemy customization. You can add enemies to your own domains to make the challenges more difficult for participants. But before launching the domain, the owner has to complete their domain to prove that the domain is solvable.

Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity Custom Domain
You can use a lot of items to build and customize your domains.
  • Challenge Custom Domains

You can challenge domains created and published by other players in this event. This is a great experience in Divine Ingenuity. Genshin Impact players can also learn from fellows and complete their custom domains. The hotkeys for domain instruction in this event are similar to those in the Serenity Pot.

III. Preset Domain Types

There are five types of Preset Domains. Each domain has unique challenges, buffs, mechanics, and missions. Check out the mission of each domain type here.

  • Bastion Mechanicus: Defend the Ley Line Monolith by using Mechanici devices and defeating enemies in the given time
  • Cloudstrider: Overcome obstacles and collect the required amount of Adventure Coins in the domain.
  • Nimbus Grasper: Overcome obstacles and defeat enemies in a dungeon-like domain and purchase buffs and boosts with Artificier coins.
  • Trove Sweeper: Try to survive while collecting Adventure Coins in the domain.
  • Heartrender: Find and break the Buff Bestower to weaken the opponents, then try to defeat them in the given time.
Types Of Preset Domains
Each type of preset domain has unique gameplay.

IV. Rewards

Divine Ingenuity Collector's Chapter is a 420-Primogem event. Therefore, you can get 420 Primogems from all missions and tasks in this game. Besides, participants also earn a lot of Mora and materials as usual.

Check out the event objectives to complete and get 420 Primogems here.

  • Complete the "Divine Ingenuity: Collector's Chapter" event quest.
  • Fulfill all objectives in the Bastion Mechanicus preset domain and earn 80 Artificer Points.
  • Earn 845 Artificer Points after completing the Cloudstrider domain with all missions fulfilled.
  • Get 480 Artificer Points and complete all objectives in the Nimbus Grasper domain.
  • Obtain 400 Artificer Points and complete all objectives in the Trove Sweeper domain.
  • Earn 75 Artificer Points and fulfill all objectives in the Heartrender domain.

Besides, you have to publish a custom domain you created or play a domain that other players published.

Divine Ingenuity Collectors Chapter Domains
Create and publish a custom domain to get a lot of rewards.

V. Tips To Win Preset Domains

Genshin Impact beginners may need some tips and strategies to defeat enemies in the Bastion Mechanicus preset domain.

  • Check the enemy lineups before selecting characters and Mechanici devices.
  • Pyro and Electro devices should be prioritized to deal damage to enemies.
  • Freeze enemies with Hydro and Cryo Mechanici combinations by placing them side-by-side.
  • Apply the elements of your characters before the enemies approach these devices and let Mechanici devices trigger reactions.

This guide helps beginners understand the gameplay and rules to complete Divine Ingenuity Collector's Chapter 3.7. This rerun event is a good source of Primogems and materials for upcoming banners.

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