Genshin Impact Ancient Teacup is a new quest item in Chenyu Vale. You can unlock an exclusive achievement on this new map by collecting these teacups to get rewards. Let's check out all four Ancient Tea Cup locations in this valley here.

Genshin Ancient Teacup Locations
Ancient Teacup Locations in Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale

#1. Ancient Teacup 1

You can find the first Ancient Teacup in the northwest Ruin of Qiaoqing Village. Here's how to find the first teacup in Chenyu Vale.

  • Go to the ancient ruin and find a stone table with cups;
  • Go up the stairs behind the table;
  • Find two wooden boxes near the broken wall;
  • Destroy these crates to unblock the water flow;
  • Use the Golden Carp Leap summoned after the cutscene to reach the Precious Chest.
Ancient Tea Pot Cup Table Qiaoying Villag
Get the Ancient Tea Cup in Qiaoying Village.

#2. Ancient Teacup 2

The second Ancient Teacup can be found in the Teatree Slope. It's near the teleport waypoint on this slope. Follow these steps to get this teacup here.

  • Find the stone table under a giant tree;
  • Find green, orange, red, and blue butterflies around the big tree;
  • Follow them to return to the ancient tea table to activate the teapot.

After all four butterflies return to the table, you also claim a Precious Chest after the teapot is activated.

Teatree Slope
Follow butterflies to get the Ancient Tea Cup on Teatree Slope.

#3. Ancient Teacup 3

You can find the third ancient tea cup in the north of the statue of the seven Archons in the Chizhang Wall. Here's how to unveil this teapot.

  • From the Statue of Seven in the Chizhang Wall, head north to find the tea table;
  • Find a hold near the stone table and dig to find the teapot;
  • Return to the tea table and place the teacup near the pot to fill it with tea;
  • Sit and enjoy the tea.

After having a cup of tea, you can get a Precious Chest to claim rewards.

Dig The Teacup
Dig the Ancient Teacup in the Chizhang Wall.

#4. Ancient Teacup 4

The last Ancient Tea Cup spawns on the western shore of the Chizhang Wall. You can find an ancient stone table near the Rivermouth in the west of the Chizhang Wall. Follow these steps to solve this puzzle and find the missing teacup.

  • Read the Stone Tablet Inscription for the hints of the missing teacup;
  • Use the Elemental Sight to find a strange stone that will disappear when you get close to it;
  • Get the old sword on the ground and check it;
  • Defeat the Geovishap monster summoned after you examine the sword;
  • Return to the table and pour the tea in the activated teapot into the cup to drink.

Then, you also get another Precious chest after completing the last tea cup puzzle.

Last Tea Cup
The last Ancient Tea Cup is near the river mouth in the west of the Chizhang Wall.

After finding all four Ancient Tea Cups, you can unlock the local achievement "Long Days in the Realm Within" in Chenyu Vale and get five further Primogems.

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