Backstage Encounter is a new web event for the release of the new character Lyney. He is the first 5-star unit from Fontaine in the upcoming update. Let's check out how to complete this event and get 40 Primogems here.

I. Schedule & Eligibility

Backstage Encounter is a new web event that takes place between August 11th and 16th. It's the web event for the debut of Lyney - the first 5-star character from Fontaine. This Pyro archer is a famous magician in the Hydro nation. Therefore, you will visit and explore the Backstage area where Lyney prepares for his performance in this web event.

To take part in this event, you have to reach Adventure Rank 10 and above. Then, enter the event via this link. During the event, you will use different props in Lyney's prop kits to interact with glowing furniture and item in the Backstage room.

Web Event Genshin Impact
Take part in the new Web Event.

II. How To Play

Backstage Encounter is an easy web event in which participants have to find three missing items for Lyney, including:

  • A black cat: hide behind the chair;
  • A bouquet: on the giant teddy in the left corner;
  • A dove: in a bird cage in the right corner.

You have to use three items in the prop kit of Lyney to reveal these missing items. Open the cupboard to take three prop items before finding the missing cat, bouquet, and dove. Let's check the solutions to find and get these missing items.

View The Exploration Mission
Go to find and retrieve three missing items.
  • Back cat

The cat is hiding behind his chair. You can easily see its tail. Drag the salmon in his kit to the ground next to the chair to coax the cat. Then, the black cat will get out of his hiding corner.

  • Bouquet

Go to the left and you can find the bouquet in the place of the giant teddy bear. Drag the Pink candy in the kit to the teddy's arm to reveal the bouquet.

  • Dove

After getting the bouquet, you head to the right until you reach a bird cage. The dove hides inside the coat rack. But you can use Lyney's gloves to reveal it.

Work According To Guidance
Follow the hints and use the prop kits to reveal missing items.

After finding all three missing items, you will get the rewards right away. It's very easy to complete this web event as you can make it done in a few minutes. You only have to find glowing items to interact with and follow the guidelines of Paimon to fulfill three Site-Visiting Missions.

III. Backstage Encounter Event Rewards

The Backstage Encounter web event is an easy mini-game that you shouldn't ignore. You can get rewards after a few minutes, including:

  • 40 Primogems;
  • 20,000 Mora;
  • 2 Mystic Ores;
  • 3 Agnidus Agate Fragment.
Get 40 Primogems
Get 40 Primogems and other rewards from this easy minigame.

This simple minigame is the debut stage of Lyney. This 5-stat Pyro unit will be released in the first phase of Genshin Impact 4.0. Don't miss these 40 Primogems for his banners if you want to roll his banner.

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