BEST Genshin Impact Teams To Win 420 Primogems In Verdict of Blades Event

Yooki - Sep 10, 2023 | Mobile Games

Let's check out the best Genshin Impact teams to defeat them and win 420 Primogems from the current event Verdict of Blades here.

The current 'Verdict of Blades' event features six hardcore combat challenges. Travelers and their allies in Genshin Impact have to counter many new enemies in Fontaine. Let's check out the best teams to defeat them and win 420 Primogems from this event here.

#1. Resolute Mettle

In the first stage of the event, you will encounter Clockwork Meka enemies infused with the Pneuma energy. It's better to use an Ousia-aligned character like Lynette to counter them. Here are two recommended teams to defeat these Fontaine bosses.

  • Lynette team: Lyney, Lynette, Dehya, and Bennett.
  • Hyperbloom: Nahida, Alhaitham, Yelan, and Shinobu.

If you build the Hyperbloom team, don't forget to pick up Ousia blocks on the battleground.

Clear Clockmeka
Pick Pneuma blocks to clear Clockwork Meka bosses from Fontaine.

#2. Inexorable Spread

The Inexorable Spread was unlocked on the second day of the event. You will counter familiar Ruin bosses and enemies. Hyperbloom and Burgeon are the two most recommended teams to counter them.

  • Burgeon team: Nahida, Ayato, Bennett, and Thoma (or Lyney).
  • Hyperbloom team: Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, and Kazuha.
Counter Ruin Bosses
Deploy Nahida's teams to counter Ruin Bosses.

#3. Engulfing Torrents

Day 3 of Verdict of Blades features solely Hydro enemies, including Hydro Slimes, Water-Splitting Phantasm, and Water-Spouting Phantasm. Therefore, Cryo and Pyro are the two best countering elements for this stage. Let's check out the two best teams for this challenge below.

  • Vaporize team: Hu Tao, Zhongli, Xiangling, and Kazuha.
  • Freeze team: Ganyu, Diona, Sucrose, and Rosaria.

These two teams do not include Hydro characters as your Pyro and Cryo elements will react with the Hydro element of these enemies.

Freeze Team
Use a Freeze Team to defeat Hydro enemies.

#4. Horns Blaring, Drums Rolling

On Day 4, you have to clear mobs of Treasure Hoarders and Fatui. They are not strange to most Genshin Impact players. You can deploy one of the two recommended teams below.

  • Freeze Team: Ayaka, Shenhe, Kazuha, and Kokomi.
  • Archon Team: Nahida, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Venti.
Genshin Archons
Archon Team is effective in the Day 4 challenge.

#5. Chains of Wrath

Chains of Wrath is the fifth combat challenge in Verdict of Blades. This stage features Crowds of Hilichurls, two Hilichurl Rogues, and a large Thunderhelm Lawachurls. You can use non-Fontaine characters to counter these familiar bosses. The following teams can be useful for you.

  • Hyperbloom team: Nahida, Baizhu, Yelan, and Raiden Shogun.
  • Freeze Team: Ayaka, Shenhe, Kazuha, and Kokomi.
Chains Of Wrath
Fight off Hilichurl enemies on Day 5 with your best team.

#6. Charge and Breach

Many Fontaine bosses came back to the sixth stage, including Construction Specialist Mek, Arithmetic Enhancer Mek, Geological Survey Mek, and Nimble Harvester Mek. Besides, you also encounter groups of Treasure Hoarders. You must bring a healer to take advantage of the stage's buff. Let's check out some ideal teams.

  • Vaporize team: Xiangling, Bennett, Ayato, and Kazuha.
  • Hyperbloom team: Nahida, Baizhu, Yelan, and Raiden Shogun.
Pick Pneuma Blocks
Pick Pneuma blocks to hit Fontaine bosses in the Charge and Breach challenge.

You can also make changes and replace recommended characters with your best characters who have similar roles and contributions. Don't miss this chance to earn 420 easy Primogems for upcoming banners.

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