Genshin Impact 4.1 will probably introduce two new characters, but the Hydro Archon seems to remain non-playable until that update. Is she coming out in Genshin Impact 4.2? Let's check out some leaks about upcoming banners in that future update here.

I. Is Furina Coming Out in Update 4.2?

According to recent reliable leaks, the Hydro Archon Furina will be released in Genshin Impact 4.2. A few months ago, she was expected to come out in the next update 4.1. But Wriothesley and Neuvilette are almost sure to come out in Update 4.1.

Furina will surely hold the Hydro Vision. Another name of the Hydro Archon is Focalors. She may be released with this name. She is the fifth playable Archon in Genshin Impact. Her kit is expected to be overwhelming and useful.

Furina Genshin Impact
The Hydro Archon Furina is coming soon in a few months.

II. Who Is Returning?

There will be three rerun characters in Genshin Impact 4.2, including Kamisato Ayato, Baizhu, and Cyno. Let's check out some details about these upcoming rerun characters here.

  • Baizhu - Dendro Healer

Baizhu is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact now. He is a must-roll character if you haven't got any healer for your team. His healing effect is very helpful and easy to use. He can also summon a Dendro shield to keep the active character safe from the enemy's attacks.

This is the latest character from Liyue. Unlock his character story quest if you love to come back to explore the Geo nation. Baizhu will rerun this December. Save your Primogems for his upcoming rerun banner if you need a healer and shielder.

Genshin Impact Baizhu
You should pull Baizhu for both the shield and healing effect.
  • Cyno - Electro DPS

Cyno is one of the earliest Sumeru characters. He was also one of the most underrated Electro characters as his kit is pretty complicated and difficult to use. But you can invest in his upcoming rerun banner in November if you haven't got any Electro DPS units.

His element is very trending in the current meta of the game. It can react with two meta elements -Hydro and Dendro - and trigger lots of powerful reactions. He is likely to be rerun in the second phase of update 4.2.

Cyno Genshin Impact
Cyno is an option for beginners who need an Electro DPS.
  • Kamisato Ayato - Hydro DPS

Ayato is one of the best Hydro on-field DPS units in Genshin Impact now. He is also a highly recommended character to roll in update 4.2. This is a safe choice when you don't know if Furina's kit is useful for your current team or not.

As the role and kit of Furina are still unknown, the chance for these two characters to team up and support each other remains questioning. But their Hydro resonance also buffs the output damage for your team. His elemental burst and skill are great AoE Cryo attacks for countering opponent mobs.

Ayato Genshin Impact
Ayato is a safe choice as Furina's role and skills are still mysterious.

III. Which Characters Are The Best To Pull?

Furina and Baizhu are worth pulling for the current game meta. Ayato and Cyno are also nice options for many players, especially for beginners. Let's check out some suggestions and advice for beginners who may be confused about these banners.

  • Furina and Ayato are both powerful Hydro DPS units. As the Hydro Archon, Furina will probably have an overwhelming kit with insanely great power. Moreover, she is aligned with Arkhe Energy which is essential for new bosses in Fontaine. Therefore, Furina is a better choice for exploration in the Land of Hydro and Fontaine bosses.
Furina Is The Best Choice
Furina is the best choice if you are sure about your skills.
  • However, Furina's kit is unfamiliar and novel to Travelers. Therefore, lots of players may have difficulties in using this new character. Ayato can be a safer choice for players who need a Hydro DPS.
  • Baizhu is a new game-meta character who provides both a shield and a healing effect. If you are not seeking a Hydro DPS for your team, Baizhu is an ideal character to pick from these four characters. You will have two most important supporting effects in one slot in your team.
  • Cyno is less recommended, especially when you have got Raiden Shogun or Kuki Shinobu. That's why his pick-up rate for Spiral Abyss and other activities is not really high. But some beginners may hope to get him for Electro-based teams.
Select The Best Character
Pick the best character in Genshin Impact 4.2 from Furina, Ayato, Baizhu, and Cyno.

Save Intertwined Fates for their banners now. Don't miss exciting events and interesting quests that are great sources of Primogems. Genshin Impact 4.1 will introduce many events and an anniversary for players to farm currencies for pulling these characters.

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