You need lots of Romaritime flowers to ascend the new character Freminet. It's a new specialty in the Hydro nation - Fontaine. Let's check out the best Romaritime flower locations and how to use this flower here.

I. Romaritime Flower Locations

Romaritime flowers grow underwater. There are some buds on the land, but you have to hit them with a Hydro attack to make these buds bloom. Most of them can be picked in the wilderness. Let's check out the best locations to farm this specialty in Fontaine.

Romaritime Flower Genshin
Romaritime is a local flower in Fontaine.

#1. Above Ground

When Romaritime flowers grow on the land, you cannot pick them up directly. Hit these buds with a Hydro-imbued attack to make them bloom first. Go to the following places to farm these buds.

  • On the beaches around small islands in the North of the domain Denouement of Sin;
  • In the South and Southeast from the boiling-water lake in the Beryl Region's Southern part;
  • On the Serphen's Skull and Spine Skeleton in the Beryl Region's Northern part;
  • Near the Hydro Elemental Monument in Marcotte Station;
  • On the eastern and western beaches on the border of the main Fontaine's City.
Beryl Region
There are many Romaritime buds around the Beryl Region.

Don't forget to bring a Hydro character when going to farm these flowers on the land. It's better to use playable Hydro units with a large AoE burst or skill, such as Mona, Yelan, and Kokomi to trigger more buds at once.

#2. Underwater

Most of these flowers grow underwater. As they are soaked in the water, they are already blooming when you see them. Here are the best locations to farm underwater Romaritime flowers in the current Fontaine map.

  • Above the Romaritime Harbor in the north of Elynas;
  • Chemin de L’Espoir area in the south of the Court of Fontaine;
  • Beneath Thalatta Submarine Canyon between the Court of Fontaine and the Fountain of Lucine;
  • In the underwater line of the Northern shore of Elynas.
Underwater Regions
Travelers can farm a lot of Romaritime flowers around underwater regions in the Hydro nation.

Keep swimming around the shore of the Court of Fontaine and Elynas to farm most of the underwater Romaritime flowers. This flower often grows near the ridges underwater. Use Teleport Waypoints to get to these spots quickly.

II. Other Sources Of Romaritime Flower

You can get this flower from two NPCs, including Hinterman and Xana. You can find Hinterman in the Belleau Region. Xana resides in Merusea Village. You can obtain 15 flowers in total from these NPCs.

Here are the stocks and costs of Romaritime Flower from these flower and plant vendors in Fontaine. Check out the specific currencies you need to use.

  • Hinterman's shop

This NPC sells five Romaritime flowers every three days. Each flower costs 1,000 Mora. You can find him in the Prisson village near the coastal line in the Belleau Region. He is a Fishmonger who often collects sea creatures to sell you, such as crab, fish, Tidalga, Beryl Conches, and shrimp meat.

Hinterman Location
Go to the Hinterman location to purchase five Romaritime flowers every three days.
  • Xana's Shop

Xana is a Melusine residing in the underwater Merusea Village. Her shop sells up to 10 Romaritime flowers which cost one strange part. But you have to complete the  World Quest Series Ancient Colors to unlock her shop. Apart from Romaritime flowers, you can also purchase Beryl Conches, Transoceanic Pearls, Meshing Gears, Rift Cores, Guide to Equity, and Enigmatic Page (XIII).

You cannot use Mora to buy items from Xana. Instead, you have to collect strange parts from four sources to exchange for these flowers.

  • Complete world quests in the Merusea Village;
  • Do the request of Cosanzeana in the There Will Come Soft Rains quest;
  • From special chests in the Elynas region;
  • Talk to Serene.
Find Strange Parts To Buy Things From Xana
Find Strange Parts to buy things from Xana in the Merusea Village.

III. How To Use Romaritime

Romaritime flowers always respawn after 48 hours. You should mark its locations on the map to return and farm new blossoms as you need lots of flowers for character ascension. The new Cryo character Freminet is the only playable unit that needs to use this material to ascend. You have to collect up to 168 Romaritime flowers for him.

Fortunately, Romaritime flowers often grow in groups. It's easier for Genshin Impact players to go farming them. There will be more Fontaine characters who use this flower for ascension or level-up talents. Therefore, you should save as many Romaritime buds as possible.

Genshin Romaritime Collect Tips
Collect and save as many Romaritime flowers as possible.

The habitat map of this flower can be extended in upcoming updates as other parts of the Hydro nation are unlocked. Let's wait for updates about Romaritime flower locations.

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