For those who have not known, the new Genshin Impact character - Freminet can excel in being a DPS. While he may fall short of the game's DPS monarchs, players have been experimenting and coming up with the best Freminet team comp.

When it comes to being a Physical DPS, Freminet's combat style is quite similar to that of Eula. That's why his teams closely mirror Eula best team compositions. Do notice that with this list, Freminet will play the role of the main DPS.

Freminet, Kokomi, Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara

Kokomi Raiden Shogun Kujou Sara
Freminet can be a powerful DPS, although 4-star, with these units.

To trigger Superconduct, Raiden Shogun will be the Electro enabler while also stepping in as a Sub-DPS when needed.

Kujou Sara, on the other hand, provides buffs to both Raiden and Freminet. If players prefer not to use her or are unable to do so, they can substitute her with other characters.

Crowd controllers like Venti, Kazuha, and Sucrose are excellent alternatives, especially in time-limited challenges like Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss, where grouping enemies can significantly save time.

Freminet, Kuki Shinobu, Xingqiu, Nahida

When using Dendro Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact, it's important to note that it doesn't interact with Cryo. This can either mean they can't be used together or, in some cases, it's a good thing as they won't disrupt each other's reactions.

In this team roster, Xingqiu applies Hydro, which reacts with Nahida's Dendro, creating Dendro Cores. Then, Kuki Shinobu can trigger Hyperbloom by hitting these Cores with her skill.

Kuki Shinobu Xingqiu Nahida
Dendro Cores generated by these characters will support Freminet significantly.

If this reaction doesn't occur, the combination of Cryo and Electro or Electro-Charged can still trigger Superconduct, benefiting Freminet. So, no matter which reaction happens, it's advantageous.

This team can become more powerful if Nahida has her C2. She can reduce the enemy's DEF for 8 seconds when Quicken occurs. She also offers Hyperbloom a 20% chance to land critical hits.

Freminet, Zhongli, Beidou, Rosaria

Beidou and Rosaria are excellent choices if you prefer a Freminet team comp focused on Superconduct.

Beidou excels as a versatile Sub-DPS, Electro enabler and shield provider. Meanwhile, Rosaria can serve as a buffer, de-buffer (at C6), and a Sub-DPS.

This team can reduce the enemy's Physical RES, with a -40% from Superconduct, -20% from Rosaria's C6, and an additional -20% from Zhongli's Shield. However, if players feel that Zhongli is unnecessary and Beidou is not that good as a shielder, they can replace the Geo Archon with other support characters like Kazuha.

If Kazuha can Swirl Electro and Cryo simultaneously, he can boost Beidou, Rosaria, and Freminet's DMG all at once.

Freminet Zhongli Beidou Rosaria
One of the best Freminet teams to take into account.

Freminet, Mika, Fischl, Yelan

Given Freminet's role as a Physical DPS, it's evident that having Mika as part of the team would be highly beneficial. At C6, Mika not only significantly boosts Physical Crit DMG but also offers ATK speed boost and healing support.

Fischl will offer consistent Electro DMG with her Oz, aiding in the activation of Superconduct and reducing the enemy's Physical RES.

Lastly, Yelan shines as a Sub-DPS, enabling Hydro reactions, helping Freminet continually Shatter enemies, and providing a buff to the main DPS with her Ascension passive ability. Together, this team composition forms a formidable synergy for Freminet's Physical DPS role.

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