Since Genshin Impact 2.6, miHoYo has introduced six beverage recipes for bartenders to mix delicious drinks. Let's check all these beverage recipe locations, ingredients, and effects here. Many beverage recipes are exclusive in some updates and events.

#1. Rainbow Aster

The Rainbow Aster recipe was introduced in update 2.6, during the themed event "Hues of the Violet Garden". This Adventurer's Beverage helps reduce Stamina consumption. Only players who took part in the Irodori Festival in Inazuma could buy this beverage recipe from Karpillia's shop in Ritou. You need the following ingredients to make this drink.

  • Mint ×1;
  • Calla Lily ×2;
  • Lavender Melon ×2;
  • Milk ×3.

This is an exclusive drink in Inazuma. So, these ingredients are easy to obtain in the open world of this nation. You can also get its ingredients from Expedition trips to the current nations of Teyvat.

Rainbow Aster
Rainbow Aster is a beautiful and delicious brink from Monstadt with a purple color.

#2. Sunset Berry Tea

Sunset Berry Tea is a 3-star ATK-boosting drink. Its recipe was one of three new recipe rewards in update 3.0. Most Genshin Impact veterans can get this drink recipe from Paimon in the mailbox. This simple beverage includes three popular ingredients:

  • Berry x3;
  • Sunsettia x3;
  • Sugar x2.

You can taste the sweet-sour flavor and pleasant aroma of fruits in this cold and refreshing drink. It has an attractive orange color of berries and Sunsettia fruits. Don't forget to pick these ingredients while exploring the open world of Teyvat.

Sunset Berry Tea
Sunset Berry Tea is a refreshing beverage with the citrus flavor of Sunsettia fruits.

#3. Fruits of the Festival

Fruits of the Festival is a new beverage recipe in update 3.1. It's a special brightly colored drink in Mondstadt. You can buy its recipe from Georg and Charles at Angel's Share with 5,000 Mora. Then, go to collect the following ingredients to make this beautiful non-alcoholic beverage.

  • Wolfhook x2;
  • Sunsettia x2;
  • Sugar x1.

This 3-star DEF-Boosting drink has a beautiful color combination of Wolfhook's dark blue and Sunsettia's light orange. It also has the refreshing flavor and fragrance of these Mondstadt's fruits. Wolfhook is an exclusive fruit in Mondstadt that only spawns around the Temple of the Wolf.

Fruits Of The Festival
You will love the amazing color and taste of the drink called Fruits Of The Festival.

#4. Minty Fruit Tea

Like the previous beverage, Minty Fruit Tea is also a 3-star DEF-Boosting drink. Its recipe is a new recipe reward in update 3.5. Many players might have missed its recipe since you have to claim it within 30 days or the mail will expire. When this recipe is already obtained, you need to collect the following ingredients to mix it.

  • Berry x3;
  • Sunsettia x3;
  • Mint x3;
  • Sugar x1.

All beverages in Genshin Impact need sugar to enhance the flavor. So, you should also farm Sweet Flowers while farming other fruits and herbs to make sugar. All these ingredients are available to pick in the open world. Besides, you can process Sweet Flowers to get sugar or buy this seasoning from some NPC merchants in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Drink Recipes
Minty Fruit Tea will boost your mood on a sunny day in Teyvat with its citrus and minty flavor.

#5. Fruity Duet

Fruity Duet is a new 3-star ATK-Boosting beverage in Fontaine. Every player can get this beverage recipe from the New Recipe Rewards mail during the current update 4.0. To make a glass of Fruity Duet, you have to get four materials, including:

  • Qingxin flower x1;
  • Sunsettia fruit x1;
  • Jam x1;
  • Sugar x1.

You can buy jam from Sanguinetti and Sara or make it from Sunsettia fruits and Berries. Buy sugar from some restaurants or process Sweet flowers to make it. Qingxin flowers are exclusive in Liyue while Sunsettia fruits are very popular in Teyvat.

Fruity Duet
Fruity Duet has a relaxing and Liyue's signature flavor and aroma of Qingxin flowers.

#6. Fruity Smoothie

Fruity Smoothie is also a new drink recipe in Genshin Impact 4.0. You also get its recipe in the New Recipe Reward mail with the Fruity Duet. Log in to the game and check your in-game mailbox to claim its recipes. Here are all the ingredients to make a glass of Fruity Smoothie.

  • Milk x3;
  • Berry x3;
  • Sugar x1;
  • Qingxin flower x1.

This fruit-flavored yogurt has a beautiful light blue color of the sky. It's an HP Recovery drink that helps you heal during combat. You need to buy milk from grocery stores all around Teyvat. Return to mountainous areas in Liyue to collect Qingxin flowers.

Genshin Impact Bartender Event
Fruity Smoothie is a useful Recovery drink with enjoyable flavor.

These are all the beverage recipes introduced in Genshin Impact up to now. Let's check your in-game mailbox to receive their recipes or purchase some recipes from NPC food vendors. Don't forget to pick the ingredients to make these beautiful and mouthwatering beverages.

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