There are many well-hidden chests in Fontaine map 4.0. You need some tricks to find and unlock these treasure chests for tons of attractive rewards and Primogems. Let's check out the top 5 hidden treasure chests in the Hydro nation now.

#1. Bird Hunting Chest

When you traverse around the southern area of the Beryl Region, you can complete a bird-hunting hidden quest to get a secret treasure chest here. There is a small village with three blue-roof houses near the southmost teleport waypoint.

After clearing Clockwork Meka enemies in this village, you can unlock a treasure chest. But it's not the only chest in this area. You have to find and hunt 5 birds in this village. Four of them are standing on three rooftops of these houses while the last bird can be found in the flower garden. You should bring a bow wielder in your team to shoot these birds without startling them.

Hunt 5 Birds For A Hidden Chest
Hunt 5 Birds for a hidden chest.

#2. Co-Op Chest

Genshin impact developers have introduced many new co-op missions and challenges in Fontaine. There is a co-op mission under a stone ledge between the Fountain of Lucine and the Icewind Suite's Stage.

You can find two Lumidouce Bell flowers under the ledge, near a Cuihua tree and a flower bush. It's the place where you do the co-op mission and get the treasure chest. Invite your friends or random allies to complete this challenge with you to claim this treasure.

Co Op Chest In Fontaine
The Co-op chest in Fontaine.

#3. Boiling Water Chest

The boiling water lake is a puzzle in Elynas. You can see a Luxurious Chest locked in the center of the lake. You have to explore the underground lava cave underneath this lake and solve the Hydro Core puzzle.

Upon solving the lava cave puzzle, you can cool down the water in the lake and open the Luxurious chest in this lake.

Boiling Water Lake
There is a Luxurious chest after cooling down the Boiling Water Lake.

#4. Lava Cave Treasure

While exploring the lava cave underneath the boiling lake, you can also unlock another hidden chest. To find the way to this cave, you have to find three Water Volume Detection Crystals around the lake.

After reaching the cave, you need to find hidden Hydro Cores inside wooden crates and stones around the cave. Bring these cores to the Hydro totems and solve the lava cave puzzle.

Lava Cave Treasure Chest
Find hidden Hydro Cores in these crates to get the Lava Cave Treasure Chest.

#5. Court Of Fontaine Secret Chest

There are two secret treasure chests hidden inside a corner in the Corth of Fontaine. You don't have to solve any puzzle and complete any challenge to get these Luxurious Chests. But many players may miss these treasures because they appear in a secret corner that they rarely explore.

  • On the top of the Palais Mermonia building;
  • In the wall corner beside the Northern City Wall Pillar.
Luxurious Chests In The Court Of Fontaine
Luxurious chests in the Court of Fontaine.

These hidden treasure chests give you lots of valuable rewards, including Primogems, Mora, and materials for characters and weapons in this game.

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