Fleuve Cender Ferryman is a new word in Fontaine that you can exchange for free. Let's check out all the Fontaine fishing spots for required fish species to get this free sword as well as its best wielders here.

I. How To Get Fleuve Cender Ferryman

Genshin Impact players can get a Fleuve Cender Ferryma sword for free from the NPC Delaroche in the Court of Fontaine. You need the following materials to exchange for this 4-star sword for free here.

  • Maintenance Mek: Platinum Collection x4;
  • Rippling Heartfeather Bass x10;
  • Blazing Heartfeather Bass x10;
  • Streaming Axe Marlin x12.

You can convert 4 "Maintenance Mek" Salvaged Parts to get 4 Maintenance Mek: Platinum Collection items. Then, go fishing to catch these three species of fish in the wilderness.

Fleuve Cender Ferryman
Go fishing and get materials for Fleuve Cender Ferryman.

II. Fleuve Cender Ferryman Fishing Spots

Here are all the fishing spots to catch the required fish for Fleuve Cender Ferryma.

#1. Fishing spots in Elynas

There are three fishing spots in water bodies around Elynas. You can find these spots near waypoints in this area.

  • The Southern waypoint;
  • The Northeastern waypoint, the nearest point to the Court of Fontaine;
  • The Eastern waypoint, near the Statue of Seven.

It's easy to reach fishing spots and catch enough fish in two or three trips.

#2. Poisson Town

There is a fishing spot in the South of Poisson town. It's on the coastline of the mountainous region of West Slopes of Mount Automnequi.

Fishing Spots In The South
All the fishing spots in the south of Fontaine.

#3. Offshore Fishing Ship

You can find an offshore fishing ship near the underwater teleport waypoint in the western sea of The Opera Epiclese.

#4. Court of Fontaine

When you move to the North of Fontaine and go fishing, you will find a fishing spot at a small port near the dome path leading to the Court of Fontaine. This is a southern spot from the city center.

#5. Icewind Suite's Stage

When traversing along the beach outside the stage of Icewind Suite Bosses, you will find another fishing spot where you can get the necessary fish for Fleuve Cender Ferryma.

#6. Fishing Shop

The last fishing spot is right at the fishing shop in Fontaine. After catching all the fish in previous locations, return to this shop to catch the rest fish, and give them to Delaroche.

Fishing Spots In The North
All four fishing spots in the north.

III. Best Fleuve Cender Ferryman Wielders

Fleuve Cendre Ferryman helps buff Energy Recharge and Crit Rate for Elemental Skills. Therefore, you should give this sword to an Elemental supporter or sub-DPS and battery, such as:

  • Lynette;
  • Xingqiu;
  • Hydro Travelers;
  • Dendro Travelers;
  • Kazuha.

These characters will gain benefits for Fleuve Cendre Ferryman's buffs to recharge elemental skills and bursts for the main DPS. Try to get this free sword for these sub-DPS and supporters if you haven't got the right sword for them now.

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