Genshin Impact Bulle Fruit is a new wild fruit in Teyvat which is native to Fontaine. It looks like an orange. Let's check out all Bulle fruit locations and how to use this fruit in Genshin Impact. It's an essential material in many recipes.

Bulle Fruit In Fontaine
Bulle Fruit is native to Fontaine.

I. Bulle Fruit Locations

Bulle Fruit is the native fruit in Fontaine. You can find these Bulle fruit trees in the wilderness of the Hydro nation. Here are all the locations to farm this fruit in Fontaine.

  • Marcotte Station: near the teleport waypoint, along the river and seaside.
  • Opera Epiclese: outside the stage of the Icewind Suite couple.
  • Fountain of Lucine: near the teleport waypoint in front of the fountain.
  • In the mountainous regions behind the Court of Fountain.
  • North, Central, and South areas of Elynas.
  • In the North and South of the West slopes of Mont Automnequi in Poisson.
Bulle Fruit Locations
Check out all Bulle Fruit locations in Fontaine.

You can also buy this fruit from Fontaine NPC Eugenie. Her fruit shop is located near the food shop Café Lucerne in the Court of Fontaine. You can buy 15 Bulle fruits from this fruit vendor every three days. Each fruit costs 240 Mora.

Moreover, you can also get it from characters returning from Expedition trips. Send a character to Mont Esus in Fontaine to get up to 12 Bulle Fruits every 20 hours.

Eugenie Fruit Shop In The Court Of Fontaine
Go to Eugenie's fruit shop in the Court of Fontaine to buy this fruit.

II. How To Use Bulle Fruit

Bulle Fruits are produced on Cuihua trees in Fontaine. You can use this fruit for many purposes in this game. This orange-like fruit is an essential material and collectible food in this game. Here are three main uses of Bulle Fruits in Genshin Impact 4.0.

#1. HP Recovery

Eating Bullet fruits in Genshin Impact can help restore 300HP instantly. These fruits grow and develop in warm and damp environments. After picking these fruits from Cuihua trees, expedition, and buying them from the fruit shop, you can open the inventory and take them to eat when your HP decreases.

Bulle Fruit
You can consume this fruit and use it to cook and craft Fontaine's dishes and bait.

#2. Cooking and Crafting

Bullet fruits are also used in cooking and crafting. Here are all the cooking and crafting recipes using this fruit in Genshin Impact 4.0. Let's check out three Fontaine dishes using this fruit here.

Category Recipes Ingredients
Cooking Cubic Tricks
  • Jam x1
  • Sugar x1
  • Bulle Fruit x1
Fruity Trio
  • Marcotte ×2
  • Jam x1
  • Bird Egg x1
  • Bulle Fruit x1
Pate de Fruit
  • Jam x1
  • Sugar x1
  • Bulle Fruit x1
Crafting 10 Sour Baits
  • Wheat x1
  • Bulle Fruit x1

You need this Fontaine's fishing bait to catch Rippling Heartfeather Bass and Blazing Heartfeather Bass in this nation.

Bulle Fruit For Cooking
Use this fruit for cooking.

#3. Shop Usage

You also need Bulle fruits to exchange for Fontaine's forgeable diagrams, including:

  • Sword: Finale of the Deep
  • Claymore: Tidal Shadow
  • Polearm: Rightful Reward

Go to the Forging shop in the Court of Fontaine to the blacksmith Estelle in this nation. Each diagram requires 10 Bulle fruits.

Genshin Fontaine Weapons
Use 30 fruits to redeem the diagrams of many Fontaine weapons.

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