Dance Dance Resolution is a new rhythm game in Genshin Impact Mega Meka Melee. It has three stages unlocked every other day. Let's learn some setting tips and game tactics to maintain the combo and get high scores in one trial.

Dance Dance Resolution Rewards
You can earn many easy Primogems from this interesting game.

#1. Dance Dance Resolution Stages

Dance Dance Resolution takes place on a pop-up platform. In this minigame, you will control a Toy Adventurer and hit puppets flowing on two conveyors on both sides of the toy. There are three stages of the Dance Dance Resolution minigame unlocked on August 24th, 26th, and 28th, namely:

  • Precise Rhythm: It's the first and easiest challenge since there is only one type of puppet to hit.
  • Intensive Drumming
  • Agile Measure

You must complete the event quest "The Toy War: Shots Fired" to unlock this minigame. Then, talk to the NPC named Armand in the Court of Fontaine to start the game. You can find him near Carol, the manager of Lepaute Horlogerie.

Dance Dance Resolution Stages
Three Dance Dance Resolution stages

#2. Tips For Setting & Playing

In Dance Dance Resolution, participants can adjust the hit delay to hit the item more accurately. Set the value based on the condition of your device. If you experience lag when playing this game, increase the value to make the hammer hit the target correctly. When you play Genshin Impact on PC,

There are three types of Slime Puppets to hit. You have to use different attacks to destroy them and maintain the combo.

  • Yellow Slime Puppet is the normal puppet. Tap the left and right directional buttons to hit and break them.
  • Blue Slime Puppet is very hard. Press and hold the button to hit it with a Charged Attack when it's about to pass the robot.
  • Green Slime Puppets always appear at the same time on both sides of the track. Tap the two buttons to hit them at the same time.
Control The Toy Adventurer
Control the Toy Adventurer and hit the puppets on the conveyors.

You will encounter only Yellow Slime puppet on the first day of the event. The two other puppet categories in Day 2 and Day 3 of this sub-event. Timing and quick reaction are the key skills to get high scores in this game. If you miss one puppet, the combo will end. Try to maintain the combo as long as possible to score enough for the whole set of rewards.

#3. Dance Dance Resolution Rewards

Dance Dance Resolution is an easy game in Mega Meka Melee. It's a good chance for participants to farm Primogems and materials. When you get 3000 points, you can claim all the following rewards.

  • 70 Primogems;
  • 250 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings;
  • 2 Guides to level up characters' talents;
  • 2 Hero's Wits;
  • 60,000 Mora;
  • 4 Mystic Ores.
Claim Rewards
Claim all rewards after getting 3000 scores.

Enigmatic Copper Mainstring is the exclusive token of Mega Meka Melee. You have to collect enough 2400 strings to send an invitation to Bennett and get this character for free. Besides, you can use these tokens to exchange for valuable rewards in the event shop, such as Primogems and materials.

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