A recent unauthorized source related to Genshin Impact teased an upcoming expansion of the game's in-game world. Apparently, they will introduce a new zone into the existing Liyue region.

Liyue, inspired by Chinese culture, was among the initial areas in Genshin Impact and has garnered significant admiration from players. It had already experienced a substantial enlargement via the Version 2.6 update, with the Chasm - a location frequently alluded to within the game's narrative. Presently, there's anticipation surrounding the next possible addition to Liyue's landscape, which is projected to coincide with the Fontaine period.

Is Liyue really having its region expanded in Genshin Impact?

Liyue expansion release date?

Since it started in late 2020, the Genshin Impact map has gotten a lot bigger, with many new regions and places to explore. Every year, the game adds a new area to play in, and the latest one is Fontaine, a water-themed region introduced this month.

In the past, the game has also made existing areas larger with updates, like the Chasm and Dragonspine in Mondstadt's update called Version 1.2. Now, there's news that Liyue, another region, will also become bigger in a future update, as recent leaks suggest.

A notable Genshin Impact leaker named Tao, who shares insider information along with Uncle SH, has let out that Liyue will be expanded soon.

Liyue Expansion Rumor
Rumor has it that Liyue expansion - Chenyu Vale, will arrive in version 4.4.

This leak strongly suggests that the rumored Chenyu Vale might be added to Genshin Impact in the Version 4.4 update, as many have been speculating. Chenyu Vale was once believed to be where players would go into Fontaine, but it was later revealed that the entrance is in the Sumeru desert.

Genshin Impact's Version 4.4 update is anticipated to come out in December 2023.

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Mondstadt expansion is also coming?

The anticipated Chenyu Vale inclusion is not the only expansion to enhance Genshin Impact's existing regions.

For example, Mondstadt has been subject to rumors regarding potential expansions. Leaks and speculations have hinted at locations like Dornman Port and the Dandelion Sea.

Additionally, the playable character roster is rumored to welcome several new additions from past regions. Noteworthy names include Mondstadt's Grand Master Varka and Liyue's Adeptus, Cloud Retainer, among others.

Liyue Region
Before Liyue expansion news, players have also looked forward to the new areas of Mondstadt.

On another hand, Liyue's rumored expansion in Version 4.4 is expected to coincide with multiple anticipated changes to Fontaine over the course of its cycle. Reports indicate that Fontaine would have three major expansions during its cycle. The first expansion, possibly in Version 4.1, is said to introduce the Fortress of Meropide.

Furthermore, leaks suggest that Version 4.4 could introduce the Fontaine Research Institute, potentially involving a shared update with Liyue. These rumors of expansions for both Fontaine and Liyue point to a significant expansion of Genshin Impact's map in the upcoming updates.

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