Each update in Genshin Impact features several character banners. Be it a solo or double banner, many players are curious about their revenue every time an update goes to an end. If you want to know which turns out to be Genshin Impact highest banner sales, you can take a look at our listing below. Do note that this Genshin impact highest banner sales tier list includes those until version 4.0.

Genshin Impact highest banner sales until update 4.0

10. Nahida - Nilou

Sales: $28,019,235

Nahida - The Lord of Dendro and Nilou make a dynamic duo in the game. While Nahida has an outstanding AoE ability, Nilou complements Dendro and wields explosive elemental burst.

Together, they create powerful bloom reactions that can help players beat almost every enemy. Although it was Nahida's first banner and Nilou's debut rerun, it still made it to the highest ranking when players ask "which Genshin banner has the highest sales?".

Nahida Nilou
How much money did Nahida banner make?

9. Venti

Sales: $30,632,752

The Anemo Archon's solo banner in Genshin Impact earned remarkably well, even surpassing dual-character banners.

With his effective burst, he is not only crucial for freeze teams but also for other rosters. His crowd control skill can pull foes into a black hole, hence providing edges for your team. Beyond skills, Venti is also a loyal friend to the Traveler, likable and reliable.

8. Yelan - Xiao

Sales: $32,177,144

Yelan's pioneering gameplay allowed her to solo Spiral Abyss when fully constellated. Even at C0, she was potent even without 5-star weapons. On the other hand, Xiao, the Demons Conqueror, remained a reliable Anemo DPS.

Xiao and Yelan don't really sync in a team, yet their appearance was a high-profile Genshin double banner until the moment.

Yelan Shenhe
FYI, Shenhe and Yelan both feature in the highest-grossing Genshin double banner list.

7. Raiden Shogun

Sales: $33,020,905

Raiden Shogun alone reaped revenue thanks to her adaptability as a support and damage dealer.

Plus, the beloved Rational Team including Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha—consistently thrived in Spiral Abyss. The Electro Archon is ideal for free-to-play players, with various weapon options and team flexibility.

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6. Raiden Shogun - Kokomi

Sales: $33,560,259

Needless to say, Raiden Shogun plays an essential role in contributing to Genshin Impact revenue. Not just solo banners, Raiden also shines in double banners, particularly with Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Initially doubted, Sangonomiya Kokomi gained value in freeze teams. She's also vital healer, essential for certain Spiral Abyss enemies.

Kokomi Raiden Shogun
The Electro Archon and Kokomi banner earned a whopping revenue.

5. Nahida - Yoimiya

Sales: $34,017,290

How much money did Nahida banner make? Nahida surpassed her own record in her rerun with Yoimiya a few patches later, with over $34 million. Nahida proved her value as the Dendro Archon and a crucial team member with her unique Dendro-applying skill and burst.

Yoimiya's banner also makes it to the Genshin Impact highest banner sales tier list as she's a powerful single-target pyro dealer.

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4. Ayaka rerun

Sales: $35,939,066

This is a whopping revenue for a solo banner in Genshin Impact. Indeed, Kamisato Ayaka never fails with her cryo DPS prowess.

Being the key in freeze teams, she's a rival to Ganyu in melt setups. Beyond damage, she also supports other elemental reaction-dependent DPS.

Ayaka Burst
When will the next Genshin Impact banner feature Ayaka?

3. Ayaka - Shenhe

Sales: $35,962,024

The combination of Ayaka's cryo DPS and Shenhe's crucial cryo DMG enhancement leads to substantial sales. Shenhe's role in teams with cryo damage dealers entices cryo character enthusiasts to spend Primogems on her.

2. Raiden Shogun - Ayato

Sales: $37,919,130

Kamisato Ayato's elegance and unique skill set made it irresistible for players to spend Primogems on him. With a mesmerizing burst animation, captivating design, and strong hydro kit, he excels as a Hydro damage dealer.

Raiden Shogun synergizes superbly with Ayato in electro-charged teams, especially Dendro compositions. Both shine in Dendro setups, with Raiden Shogun mastering the aggravate reaction and Ayato thriving in hyperbloom teams.

1. Hu Tao - Yelan

Sales: $46,556,153

Genshin Impact highest banner sales at the moment belong to Hu Tao and Yelan banner.

Hu Tao And Yelan
Hu Tao and Yelan earned the highest Genshin Impact revenue as of now.

Hailed as the Spiral Abyss Queen, Hu Tao's burst damage and speedruns earned her fame among the player community. Infamous for high Vaporize damage, her timing alongside Yelan's rerun was apt.

Wishing for both Abyss-breaking characters was tempting. Besides that, their synergistic kits and remarkable weapon banner also enticed players. The Staff of Homa and Aqua Simulacra are coveted by many players.

Which characters will dethrone Yelan and Hutao banner? Let's wait for Genshin Impact upcoming banners!

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