Genshin Impact introduced many useful gadgets for farming materials in the open world of Teyvat. Let's check out the top gadgets you should obtain and use while going farming in this game.

I. Locating Collectibles & Treasures

There are lots of collectible items in Genshin Impact that you have to stock up. In addition, you have to open as many treasure chests as possible to get essential materials to level up your characters and weapons.

Genshin Impact Reputation System
Rank up in the reputation system to get more useful gadgets.

#1. Treasure Compasses

There are 5 permanent treasure compasses now.

Gadgets Function How to diagram How to craft
Anemo treasure compass Locate nearby treasure chests in Mondstadt. Mondstadt Reputation Level 6
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • 10 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 30 Philanemo;
  • 50 Crystal Chunks.
Geo treasure compass Locate nearby treasure chests in Liyue. Liyue Reputation Level 6
  • 10 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • 30 Cor Lapis;
  • 50 Crystal Chunks.
Electro treasure compass Locate nearby treasure chests in Inazuma. Inazuma Reputation Level 9
  • 10 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 30 Onikabuto;
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • 50 Crystal Chunks.
Dendro treasure compass Locate nearby treasure chests in Sumeru. Sumeru Reputation Level 9
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • 10 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 50 Crystal Chunks;
  • 30 Padisarah.
Hydro treasure compass Locate nearby treasure chests in Fontaine. Fontaine Reputation Level 9
  • 50 Crystal Chunks;
  • 10 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 50,000 Mora;
  • Unknown.
Use Treasure Compasses To Locate Chests
Use treasure compasses to locate chests.

#2. Oculi Resonance Stones

The game also introduces useful gadgets for players to locate Oculi scattered around the map. These elemental collectibles are important to upgrade Statues of Seven in each nation. Let's check out how to craft these devices here.

Type of Resonance Stone How to obtain  How to craft
Anemoculus Mondstadt Reputation Level 2
  • 5 Dandelion Seeds;
  • 5 Cecilia flowers;
  • 1 crystal chunk;
  • 500 Mora.
Geoculus Liyue Reputation Level 2
  • 5 Cor Lapis ores;
  • 5 Glaze Lily flowers;
  • 1 crystal chunk;
  • 500 Mora.
Electroculus Inazuma Reputation Level 8
  • 5 Naku Weeds;
  • 5 Sakura Blooms;
  • 1 Amethyst Lump;
  • 500 Mora.
Dendroculus Sumeru Reputation Level 8
  • 5 Nilotpala Lotus flowers;
  • 5 Rukkha­sha­va Mushrooms;
  • 1 crystal chunk;
  • 500 Mora.
Hydroculus Fontaine Reputation Level 8 Unknown
Resonance Stones
There are five Resonance Stones in Teyvat now.

II. Collecting Materials

Additionally, you should obtain and equip useful and convenient gadgets to farm more materials quickly.

Gadgets Functions How to obtain
The Boon of the Elder Tree Collect wood quickly for crafting furnishing items in Serenitea Pot. Sumeru's Reputation Level 3
Crystalfly Trap Catch Crystalflies easily. Fontaine's Reputation Level 3
Omni-Ubiquity Net Capture small animals and birds to raise in the Serenitea Pot. Buy from the NPC vendor Wakamurasaki in Inazuma.
Seed Dispensary Collect floral seeds automatically when you pick flowers, fruits, and herbs in the open world. The Art of Horticulture World Quest

Moreover, there are many fishing rods that you can buy from fishermen in each nation.

The Boon Of The Elder Tree
The Boon of the Elder Tree gadget helps you collect woods quickly.

III. Movement & Survival

There are many useful gadgets for movement and adventure that help you traverse the map, explore Teyvat, and survive in this world.

Gadgets Functions How to get How to craft
Adepti Seeker's Stove Cook food in the wild. Liyue's Reputation Level 5
  • 1 Flaming Essential Oil;
  • 2 Crystal Cores;
  • 2 Iron Chunks;
  • 500 Mora.
Portable Waypoint Place a temporary teleport waypoint in a spot for 7 days. Mondstadt's Reputation Level 6
  • 1 Dead Ley Line Leaf;
  • 2 Luminescent Spines;
  • 5 Crystal Chunks;
  • 500 Mora.
Wind-Powered Wind Generator Provide your characters with a strong lift force. Fontaine's reputation Level 5 Unknown
Wind Catcher Hold 5 Anemograna to create a wind current. Mondstadt's Reputation Level 5
  • 10 Hurricane Seeds;
  • 30 Windwheel Aster flowers;
  • 50 Crystal Chunks;
  • 50,000 Mora.
Warming Bottle Keep your character warm for a while by removing the  Sheer Cold effect for exploring Dragonspine. Frostbearing Tree Level 4
  • 2 Flaming Flower Stamen;
  • 2 Star-silver ores;
  • 500 Mora.
Portable Waypoint
Portable Waypoint is very useful for exploration and farming materials.

These devices will help your exploration and farming trip in Teyvat easier. Alternatively, you can also reach the maximum Exploration percentage by buying an account with these items in Genshin Impact.

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