With every update that Genshin Impact brings about, it has been consistently enhancing its elements. Among the eagerly awaited updates was the Crystalfly Trap, a potent device that significantly makes it easier for players in the process of catching Crystalflies.

The use of the Crystalfly Trap is at its best when collecting numerous Crystal Cores simultaneously. However, a considerable effort is required to access and employ it effectively. Check how to get and how to use Crystalfly Trap Genshin Impact below.

Get Crystalfly
How to obtain and activate Crystalfly Trap gadget and make catching crystal flies easier?

How to obtain Crystalfly Trap Genshin Impact?

Getting the Crystalfly Trap becomes possible once you manage to attain a Reputation level of 3 in Fontaine. To achieve this, a series of steps are required:

  • Reaching Adventure Rank 25.
  • Successfully concluding Chapter IV: Act II of the Archon quest titled "As Light Rain Falls Without Reason."
  • Accomplishing the "Steambird Interview" world quest.

After these prerequisites are fulfilled, you'll spot the Fontaine reputation NPC, Euphrasie, designated on your map. Euphrasie serves as the chief editor of Fontaine's Steambird newspaper.

Crystalfly Trap
Make sure you obtain Reputation level 3 in Fontaine to get access to this gadget

To unlock the Crystalfly Trap, your journey involves consistently doing tasks that yield reputation rewards until you advance to Reputation level 3.

Building up reputation experience can be achieved through various activities in Fontaine: completing quests, engaging in bounties, responding to requests, and exploring the region by undertaking diverse tasks like Time Trials or opening chests.

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How to use Crystalfly Trap

The Crystalfly Trap is a versatile device that can be positioned in various locations. To activate it, you simply have to deploy it and supply it with 30 minerals. Just wait for a while and the Crystalfly Trap will be available.

On a weekly basis, the Crystalfly Trap will let you collect 15 Crystal Cores. Players can monitor the advancement of this tool through the inventory or by checking the Teyvat map. This is because a certain duration must elapse before these cores become collectible.

Do notice that you must wait 7 days in total to receive 15 crystal cores.

Limited to gathering 15 Crystal Cores weekly, the Crystalfly Trap offers the opportunity to get a substantial quantity of cores in a single usage. This proves highly advantageous, given that activating the trap requires minimal effort. You can merely switch it on and revisit it at a later time.

Crystalfly Trap
You can get 15 Crystal Core for each time using the gadget, although you will need to wait for a while.

What do you do with Crystal Cores in Genshin?

You can do a few things with the Crystal Cores you get from the Crystalfly Trap. But the best way to use them might be to make Condensed Resin. This lets you get double rewards from places like Domains or Ley Line Outcrops, which helps you gather artifacts and stuff faster.

With Crystal Cores, you can also make these items:

  • Condensed Resin
  • Adepti Seeker’s Stove
  • Windbarrier Potion
  • Dendrocide Potion
  • Frostshield Potion

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