Radiant Spincrystal can unlock the theme soundtracks of each nation in Genshin Impact. There are nine Radiant Spincrystals in the open world of Fontaine 4.0. Let's check out all locations of open-world Fontaine Radiant Spincrystals and how to get them here.

#1. Belleau Region

There is a Radiant Spincrystal in the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi of the Belleau Region in Fontaine. The Spincrystal No. 107 can be found near the Antoine Roger Aircraft in this area. It's the glowing yellow item on the stone box next to the aircraft.

Disk Number 107
You can pick the music disk of Fontaine near the aircraft in the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi.

#2. Beryl Region

There are three Radiant Spincrystals in the Beryl Region, including the disks numbers 101, 102, and 106. Let's check out how to obtain these music disks here.

Spincrystal No. Region How To Find Images
101 Elton Trench Inside an underwater gazebo in Elton Trench. You have to use the Echoing Conch to find two Pneumosia Blocks and turn Pneumosia devices into the Neutral state to unlock the room. Upon entering this room, you can get a music disk on the phonograph device and a Hydroculus. Disk Number 101
102 Merusea Village Tepelort to this village if you had unlocked it before. You can find this glowing music disk at the window of Rufina's house. Disk Number 102
106 Elynas It's inside a bird nest on a mountain peak near the Shrine of Depth in this area. The disk will appear after you pick up two bird eggs in the nest. Disk Number 106

Two of the three disks in the Beryl Region are underground and underwater. Therefore, you should find ways to explore these underground maps in this area.

#3. Court of Fontaine

There are five Radiant Spincrystals around the Court of Fontaine,  Fountain of Lucine, and Annapausis regions. They are all in the Northern part of the current map. Let's see where and how to get them here.

Spincrystal No. Region How To Find Images
99 Court of Fontaine On the wooden crate behind the Holorgerie shop and next to the Crafting bench near the Adventurer's Guild. Disk Number 99
100 Court of Fontaine It's inside the open box in front of the Hubel's shop. Disk Number 100
103 Annapausis On a small fountain behind the phantom form of Princess Lyris. It's very close to the Teleport Waypoint in this region. Disk Number 103
104 Annapausis From the fountain, you head to the huge palace of the dragon to get the other disk of Fontaine music in this area. Jump into the hole in the palace, under a giant Hydro bubble to reach a secret room. The disk is near the teleport device in that room. Disk Number 104
105 Fountain of Lucine The last Fontaine Radiant Spincrystal is right in the Fountain of Lucine in Erinnyes. It's lying in the water. Disk Number 105

After obtaining these Spincrystals, go to the Euphonium Unbound: Winding and Euphonium Unbound: Soaring in the Serenitea Pot and unlock these mysterious melodies of Fontaine. Upon installing the music disks in these music devices, you also know the names of these beautiful melodies.

Genshin Impact All Radiant Spincrystals
Use all Fontaine Radiant Spincrystals to unlock music melodies.

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