Fleuve Cendre is an underground subarea in the Court of Fontaine. Lots of Travelers haven't reached this area and have missed some valuable treasure chests there. Let's check out all the hidden treasure chests to open in Fleuve Cendre Subarea here.

Fleuve Tendre Sewer Genshin
Fleuve Cendre is the underground world in the Court of Fontaine.

#1. How Many Chests In Fleuve Cendre

There are three Normal chests and an Exquisite chest in the Fleuve Cendre subarea. There is a teleport waypoint for Travelers to get to this subarea quickly. After finding and opening all those four chests, you can get 11 Primogems, 5 Hydro Sigils, and many other materials.

This is a must-visit location when exploring the Court of Fontaine. You should unlock the Teleport Waypoint in this area to get there quickly. Then, explore the following corners to find these chests. You don't need to solve any puzzles to open them and collect treasures.

Unlock Underground Fleuve Cendre
Unlock the underground teleport waypoint in Fleuve Cendre to explore this subarea easily.

#2. First Chest

The first common chest is near the Teleport Waypoint in this subarea. From the waypoint, you head a little north until you reach the staircase to the underground tavern in Fleuve Cendre. The treasure chest is right under the tavern.

If you have not unlocked the Teleport Waypoint in the Fleuve Cendre, use a waypoint above the ground. Then, head to the tavern and drop down to the underground tunnel to collect the chest and unlock the Fleuve Cendre waypoint.

The First Chest
The first chest is right under the tavern.

#3. Second Chest

There is an Exquisite chest in Fleuve Cendre. It spawns in a secret high corner in the center of this subarea. You have to climb the tallest pipes in this underground chamber to spot this chest. The chest is located at the top of the pipe. Use an Anemo character like Wanderer or Kaedehara Kazuha to reach the pipe top faster.

Get The Exquisite Chest
Get the Exquisite Chest on the top of the pipe system in the central station of this area.

#4. Third Chest

The third chest in Fleuve Cendre is another normal chest. From the first treasure chest under the tavern, you head to the northwestern corner. There are some ladders behind the tavern which lead to the position of the third treasure chest. You can find it next to three wooden crates and a glowing lamp in that corner.

Behind The Tavern
Climb some ladders behind the tavern to reach the third chest.

#5. Fourth Chest

The last treasure chest in Fleuve Cendre is also a normal chest. It is hidden in the Northwest corner of the underground water inlet sluice system. From the central station of this area, you head north toward the T-Junction and turn left to the branch sewer.

There is a small bridge near the gate where you jump down and enter this area. The chest lies under that bridge. Approach and open this chest.

The Last Chest
The last chest lies underwater.

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