Garena Free Fire has launched a Bunny Hunt Event to let players get Punkster Bunny Bundle. Check out the event here with

Garena Free Fire Introduced Bunny Hunt Event

Garena has launched the OB21 update with a lot of new things, such as new character Kapella, new gun Thompson, and new Clash Squad Ranked mode. Moreover, a new event titled ‘Bunny Hunt’ has also been released. This new event lasts from April 10th to 16th, 2020. The Bunny Hunt event brings players a lot of attractive rewards. 

Joining the Bunny Hunt event of Garena Free Fire, you will get a lot of exclusive prizes. In addition, you can receive a rare bundle named ‘Punkster Bunny Bundle’. In the Bunny Hunt event, you have to hunt the bunny which has 200 HP. There are three types of weapons you can use to hunt the bunny, including Fist, AWM, and MP40. Your mission is to reduce Bunny’s HP to 0 and get the prize. 

Bunny Hunt Event Page
Bunny Hunt Event Details

Completing the mission, the game will prize you with a Bunny bundle. However, you also get some small rewards for each attack. But you need to pay diamonds to attack. The first Fist attack is free. But then, you have to pay 10 diamonds for each Fist attack. But Fist damage ranges from 0 to 2 HP. With MP40, you need to pay 30 diamonds for each attack which causes 3 to 10 HP decrease. Last but not least, an AWM attack which causes the damage of 10 HP, costs you 60 diamonds. But you can only make 3 attacks of AWM. 

Bunny Hunt Event 1
Garena launched Bunny Hunt Event

For the Fist attack, you will get 6 rewards, including small items and fragments. If you hunt the Bunny with an MP40, you get Gun Boxes. And if you attack the Bunny with AWM, you get three decent rewards of Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, and Incubator Voucher. The system will send your rewards to your vault.