Rusty Moyher is the developer behind some famous games like Astro Party and Box Cat. Recently, he just released his latest game: Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter. Do not get tricked by its motif– the game is simple yet meaningful, full of surprising actions and requires a proper strategy.

Dig Dog is an action roguelike digger that just launched a new update

You will be playing as a dog, and like any other dogs, your role is to dig the ground and find a bone. As easy as it sounds, there are obstacles that prevent you from locating it. Once navigated and get the bone, you will be able to advance to the next level. The rule is the same, only your enemies are leveled up.

Dig Dog back came out way back in January, and this update brings better quality at a better price. The most noticeable feature is the color palette options. Each bone you collected during the game will be added up to the progress bar. Once the bar is filled, there will be a new color palette for you to use by accessing the options screen. This is definitely meaningful to some extents. Instead of just chasing after the high scores and get frustrated if you get a bad one, players will enjoy every game they play because every bone counts.

There is a new palette option that lets you choose the themes

This update also features a Coin Back item which enables you to shoot the coins at your enemies. What's more, there are even other options like turning off screen shake and adjustments so that the game will be suitable for the latest iOS sizes.

Dig Dog is a great game that offers players a wonderful experience. Imagine you are playing a perfect game where everything is going just how you want, then out of the blue things turn bad without any signs then you’re dead, but after a chuckle, you stand up and are full of energy. Dig Dog has that roguelike element! And the most bizarre thing is, Rusty Moyher created this incredible game without even using this hand, but just with his voice. Look at the video below to see how he did it:

Dig Dog is currently available on the App Store for just $1.99 (Rs 140), which is definitely a great deal.