Global Offensive Mobile is a new mobile game that mimics almost all features of CSGO - a legendary shooting game on PC. It was developed by a Thailand game developer named Cheese WT. It will definitely blow off your mind.

Global Offensive Mobile - The Most Blatant Clone Of CSGO

Recently, a new mobile game called Global Offensive Mobile made by a Thailand studio has raised the heat in the game community. This game is not a product of Valve. Therefore, it's only an unofficial clone of CSGO. Cheese WT, the publisher of this game, hasn't released the global version but just launched the beta version of this game on APKPURE. Besides, it's available to add to the Wishlist on Google Play Store now.

Global Offensive Mode
Global Offensive Mobile was made by a Thailand studio called Cheese WT.

The game developer just allows gamers to experience the beta version of this game on Android devices. They haven't released any information about the iOS version of this game. This fake version of CSGO preserves all features of that legendary shooting game on PC, such as gameplay, graphics, weapons, maps, markets, etc.

Global Offensive Mobile Animation
This mobile clone has the same animation as CSGO.

It's also the most blatant clone of CSGO up to now. This mobile FPS game reminds a lot of gamers about CSGO with similar sounds, voices, taglines, animations, and even bullet's trajectory. The Unreal Engine 4 made its graphics more excellent than other clones of CSGO. It's also the most advanced graphics engine nowadays.

Global Offensive Mobile Weapon
It's the most palpable clone of CSGO with excellent graphics and sound.

The game developers also announced that they are attempting to make this game compatible with more devices in order to reach more gamers. The game size of Global Offensive Mobile is 1.2 GB, so you can enjoy exciting battles with friends in Global Offensive Mobile with a mid-end smartphone. However, many gamers worry that it may face a lawsuit from Valve.

Global Offensive Mobile Vs CSGO

The first significant similarity of the official shooting game CSGO and its clone is the map. GO Mobile's maps still preserves the construction and arrangements of CSGO's maps although the developers made some changes in color and added some objects.

Global Offensive Mobile Gameplay
The map and gameplay are not very different.

Next, it also has the same gameplay and game modes as CSGO. You can join teams to fight in Deathmatch Mode, Demolition Mode, Casual Mode, Zombie Mode, etc. Moreover, the game developers will also introduce new maps and game modes in further updates.

Csgo Clone
It has a lot of interesting game modes.

In addition, this CSGO clone has a super diverse weapon system with over 40 weapon types. To make this FPS game more enjoyable and interesting, the dev team added a lot of favorite weapons of shooting gamers with fancy skins. Gamers can also obtain many stunning exclusive weapon skins in some in-game events for free.

In short, Global Offensive Mobile is the most palpable clone of CSGO with excellent graphics and sound, exciting gameplay, and a lot of amazing experiences. That's why it's one of the most anticipated mobile games in the world now.