Blade & Soul: Revolution, originated from the classic Blade & Soul IP, is an MMORPG for mobiles created by Netmarble. As a matter of fact, the official release date for the game in Korea is coming very soon, on December 6th.

Blade Soul Revolution
Blade & Soul: Revolution - a mobile MMORPG by Netmarble

However, we get ourselves the opportunity to preview the game through a demo version available in G-Star 2018. Without further ado, below is the hands-on reaction for Blade & Soul: Revolution. Take a look at it if you can’t wait for its official release!

Looking at the demo, we’ve got ourselves 4 races to pick our initial character: Gon, Jin, Lyn, and Yun. Here in the video Gon race was chosen. There are many customizations work available at the beginning of the game. Players can edit their character's appearance freely: from skin color, height to smaller such as like eyebrow and head size.

Unreal Engine 4 made the game so we can expect incredible graphics, in both battles and cutscenes. All voiceovers in cutscenes will be in Korean and the scenes are very much similar to its PC version.

Blade Soul Revolution
Expect stunning graphics in the game!

During the game, you can sprint and glide in the world interface just like on PC. The left joystick will take care of the character’s movement, while the right ones are for attack and skill release. It appears that 4 skills are available to release and a block move is there to protect from incoming attacks. Completing combos will grant you bonus attacks so make sure to stack up the combos. Although it wasn’t available in the gameplay video, Blade & Soul: Revolution features boss fights as well. However, it seems that the difficulty in reaching some particular buttons on a larger screen will lessen the gaming experience.

Blade & Soul: Revolution official trailer

Blade & Soul: Revolution will come out on mobiles in South Korea on December 6th. We’re really expecting the game will soon come out for players globally in the near future. You can visit the website right now for more details, or even pre-register using a phone number in Korean.