GTA 5 is perhaps the best version in the GTA franchise, as voted by a lot of fans. Despite that the game has aged for around seven years, nothing can put an end to its popularity among players thanks to the fantastic storyline as well as an online mode – both keep it alive all the time.

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What also makes the game more interesting is that players will be able to alternately experience three protagonists (Trevor, Michael, and Franklin) in particular missions. As several websites and videos on YouTube promise an APK file for playing GTA 5 on mobile devices, many players are casting doubt over whether or not it’s possible to do with this action-adventure game.

We stick to such a question, and here’s everything you need to know about so-called GTA 5 APK files for Android.

GTA 5 APK files for Android – Fake or real?

No need to say, the booming growth of the mobile gaming industry has resulted in the mobile versions of famous PC/PS4 game titles. Rockstar Games, in fact, also made numerous names in the lineup available to iOS and Android, but none of GTA games has come into service officially.

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In fact, none of GTA games has come into service officially. 

It remains unclear about a release date for an authentic GTA 5 mobile version because the developer is yet to go public with such information. Due to that reason, all GTA 5 APK download links on the Internet are provided by third-party developers and they’re all illegitimate.

Gta 5 Apk Files Gameplay

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These photos look great, but they can be fake gameplay.

Once you’ve noticed that, you may understand why we shouldn’t take the plunge. Downloading unidentified files from third-party links is full of threats, not to mention that it’s not an easy task if you want to port such a big-size game onto a file for mobile when your handsets only have limited processing power.

All in all, you should keep yourself away from any GTA 5 APK files you see on the Internet – they’re all fake.