Zombie Catchers is an adventure action game published by indie studio Two Men and a Dog in 2014. Since its release, the game has been downloaded by over 55 million users. It is still growing strong with around 2 million downloads each month and a million daily active users on average.

Zombie Catchers is an adventurous, action, mobile game

The plot of Zombie Catchers is set in a future world where humankind is threatened by a zombie apocalypse. Two intergalactic businessmen come to Earth and decide to save the planet while making some money. Players can join their business to hunt down zombies for fun and earn a profit. So far, the game is in Top 5 action game in over 100 countries on Google Play and App Store.

Zombie Catchers is in Top 5 action game in over 100 countries

From October 2018, Zombie Catchers is acquired by Deca Games and is no longer operated by the original creators. Founded in 2016 by Ken Go - the executive producer for Kingdoms of Camelot, Deca Games is an indie publisher whose main focus is on live operation and games revival. The studio motto is “breathing new life into old games”.

Deca Games focused on reinvigorating aged, potential games

The main product of Deca Games is topmost games that are aging or are unable to be developed further by their original creators. By bringing updates to old games, Deca promises to give loyal fans and general users “a unique experience they can find nowhere else” while continuing to operate them profitably.

Founder Ken Go believes that acquiring Zombie Catchers is a good decision for Deca. The game is still very potent, despite the fact that it has been released for 4 years, since the number of downloads it receives every month is still growing. His future plan for Zombie Catchers is “to continue development with the same passion as its creators and to create an even more rewarding experience by adding more depth and breadth with more frequent updates of content and features.”

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Both studios are satisfied with the settlement

Two Men and a Dog CEO and co-founder Matti Kallonen also showed his satisfaction with the settlement, describing Deca Games as “an ideal partner to take the game forward” and predicted that under the operation of Deca Games, Zombie Catchers would continue to succeed more in the future.

Kallonen and his co-founder Aleksi Raisanen can now save their time to develop new ideas.