Guinaifen, the most recent 4-star addition to Honkai: Star Rail, belongs to the Fire Nihility category. She excels in inflicting Burn DoT while boosting her damage against foes affected by Burn. Although her gameplay is akin to characters like Sampo or Kafka, there are specific nuances crucial for optimizing her role within a team.

It's essential to recognize that, in Honkai: Star Rail, Nihility characters typically emphasize either DoT-style gameplay or debuffing enemies to aid the team. Consequently, not every light cone or relic is suitable for Guinaifen. Considering this distinction, here are the optimal builds to unleash Guinaifen's full potential in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai: Star Rail Guinaifen Complete Build

Guinaifen Best Build In Star Rail

Light Cone Relic Set Relic Stat
  1. Patience Is All You Need
  2. Solitary Healing
  3. Good Night and Sleep Well
  4. Eyes of the Prey
  5. We Will Meet Again
  1. 4-piece Firesmith of Lava-Forging
  2. 2-piece Firesmith of Lava-Forging and 2-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Planar Ornaments

  1. Space Sealing Station
  • Body: ATK%
  • Feet: Speed or ATK%
  • Planar Sphere: Fire DMG Bonus
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration or ATK%

Guinaifen Best Relics In Star Rail

Guinaifen is a character with the potential to serve as both a sub-DPS and main-DPS. When choosing relic sets to amplify her damage output, it's crucial to opt for sets that enhance her damage potential. Due to her reliance on ATK% and Fire damage scaling, the optimal relic set for Guinaifen is the Firesmith of Laval-Forging, specifically the 4-piece set bonus. This set offers a Fire Damage increase (2-piece bonus) and a substantial damage boost from her Skill (4-piece bonus). Given Guinaifen's frequent use of her Ultimate, she also benefits from the 4-piece set bonus effect, which enhances her Fire DMG for the subsequent attack after utilizing her Ultimate.

Guinaifen Honkai Star Rail 2
Guinaifen Best Relics

Players who do not possess the perfect components for a 4-piece bonus can combine 2-piece effects from the Firesmith of Laval-Forging with those from the Musketeer or Wild Wheat sets. Furthermore, for her Planar Ornament, the Space Sealing Station stands out as the top choice to further boost her attack. Guinaifen benefits from some speed in her setup, allowing her to achieve the 120 Speed threshold required to activate the conditional ATK buff granted by this ornament.

When selecting the primary attributes for Guinaifen's relics, players should prioritize Speed on her Feet relic, ATK% on her Body relic, Energy Recharge on the Link Rope relic, and Fire DMG on the Planar Sphere relic. However, if specific pieces are missing or there are constraints, ATK% can be used as a substitute for some of these slots. In terms of sub-stats, focus on attributes like ATK%, Speed, and Energy Recharge. These are vital for enhancing Guinaifen's damage output and ensuring she can utilize her abilities more frequently. Additionally, having sub-stats such as Crit Rate and Crit DMG can be advantageous, even though her DoT damage typically does not crit. Guinaifen can still benefit from these stats to some degree, especially when dealing direct damage.

Guinaifen Best Light Cones In Star Rail

Guinaifen performs exceptionally with light cones that amplify her overall damage and her Damage over Time (DoT) effects, a crucial aspect of her abilities. The most suitable light cone for Guinaifen is Kafka's unique light cone, "Patience Is All You Need," which separately boosts her damage, speed, and DoT damage. This light cone significantly enhances her abilities and is an optimal choice for maximizing her potential. The second-best alternative is "Solitary Healing," a free-to-play option accessible through the Herta Store. This light cone can be easily maximized and offers advantages like increased Break Effect, Energy Regeneration, and enhanced DoT damage. It's a reliable option for Guinaifen, particularly for players focusing on Break Effect and seeking dependable energy regeneration.

Honkai Star Rail Huong Dan Build Guinaifen 1
Guinaifen Best Light Cones

For a 4-star light cone, "Good Night And Sleep Well" is an excellent selection. It synergizes effectively when Guinaifen is teamed up with other characters capable of inflicting debuffs or DoT effects on enemies. Therefore, if players plan to pair Guinaifen with characters like Kafka, this light cone can bring significant value to the team.

Honkai: Star Rail – Guinaifen Team Composition

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen 12

Guinaifen + Kafka + Asta + Luocha

The most straightforward choice for teaming up a Damage over Time (DoT) character like Guinaifen in Honkai: Star Rail would be to pair her with the DoT expert, Kafka. Both Guinaifen and Kafka have the ability to inflict their own DoT effects, and with Asta's support, their damage output significantly increases. However, the team can be demanding in terms of Skill Points (SP), and players may find it challenging to accommodate a healer/shielder that consumes too much SP. This is where a character like Luocha proves to be invaluable for teams requiring high Skill Points.

When compared to Sampo and Luka, Guinaifen performs admirably in terms of damage, so the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs of the team. Besides the obvious elemental factors, players should consider the following aspects when selecting one of the three Nihility characters in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Guinaifen: Boasts an excellent Area of Effect (AoE) ability and a consistent AoE weakness break, although not as optimal against single-target foes. Can amplify enemy damage through her Talent, requiring fewer SP.
  • Sampo: Relies on RNG (Random Number Generator) for AoE Skill but excels in breaking single-target weaknesses. Can amplify enemy damage through his Ultimate, although he demands the highest Skill Points among the three.
  • Luka: Offers the best performance for single-target damage but falls short in AoE situations. Can amplify enemy damage through his Ultimate and trigger Bleed with Basic Attacks, making him the least demanding in terms of Skill Points.

Players who do not have Kafka in their lineup need not be concerned. They can substitute her with Hook or Himeko to form a team focused on Burn effects exclusively. In the future, if a Fire healer is introduced, players can consider replacing one of the Fire characters or Silver Wolf to create a mono-Fire team.

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