PUBG Mobile is currently adding some Easter Eggs to the game to celebrate Easter Eve. The update will be on the server side that gives players treats in the form of crates and bonuses.

There are two kinds of Easter Eggs being offered at the moment. The first one can be found in the Spring Draw tab. This "egg" will give you the chance to pick up some new Easter-themed outfit to join the spirit of this holiday.

Pubg Mobile Easter
Easter holiday set.

The second one will appear during matches. There will be Easter Eggs placed randomly across the map. If you can collect more than 5 of those, you will be given access to a special crate under the events tab. If you want some more battle point and some amazing in-game prizes, then I suggest you should keep your eyes wide open, and start looking for eggs.

The event's duration is still unknown but since it a holiday-based event, it might not be open for a very long time. So if you want to hunt some egg while fighting for your life, then you should start now in any of the maps in PUBG Mobile.

An Easter Egg appears in a match.

The 0.12.0 update also brings a lot more fun and features with a bit of balance adjustment to the game. There have been some changes to the zombie mode to add some excitement. You now have to face both zombies and the toxic gas at a time, but in exchange, you will get your armor fixed and healing whenever you kill a zombie.

New zombies type were added with new abilities which helps them become even deadlier. Instead of being forced to fight each other, now the game allows multiple teams to achieve victory if they can survive the zombie horde they can Dynamic weather was also added to Erangel and Miramar, which change the weather in matches, adding one more layer to the gameplay.