Marvel Future Revolution is the newest open-world MMORPG for mobile from Netmarble. It has a bunch of popular superheroes from Marvel comics like Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and more. Despite scheduled for a Global release in September, the game has just soft-launched in Canada, for both Android and iOS.

In this article, we will show you how to download and play Marvel Future Revolution in India. Currently, the Global pre-registration is available on the Google Play Store.

1 - How to download Marvel Future Revolution on Android?

You will need to install an application called TapTap in order to download and install the game. This is a sort of 3rd party PlayStore and works exactly the same as Google Play Store. However, you can find a lot of region-restricted games here. Below is a step by step guide:

Marvel Future Revolution on Tap Tap
Marvel Future Revolution on Tap Tap

Once the installation is completed, you need to turn on your VPN connection and set it to Canada. As the game is region-locked at the moment, you must do this to acquire the data files for the game. Be patient, as the download is 5.5 GB.

You can Pre-register for the game on the Play Store.

You don't need to turn on the VPN all the way - you only need it for the verification process. Once the data files start downloading, you can turn off the VPN.

2 - How to download Marvel Future Revolution on iOS?

For iOS, this is fairly straightforward as you don't even need a VPN. Just go to the app store, sign out of your current account and create a new ID. Fill in Canada as your region, fill in all the details required except for the Payment Method.

The app page of Marvel Future Revolution
The app page of Marvel Future Revolution

After your account is activated, you can just search for the game in the Canada App Store and download it to your device.

3 - About Marvel Future Revolution

In this game, players will step into the shoes of famous Marvel heroes to save the world from a multi-dimensional crisis. The heroes will form a task force called Omega Flight team to battle evil and save the day. Besides the campaign, there are a number of additional PVP modes.

Graphics-wise, Marvel Future Revolution offers a full 3D, realistic graphic style created using Unreal Engine, along with cinematic cutscenes & fluid combat. Players are taken to various incredible locations in the Marvel universe: New Stark City, Midgardia, Xandearth, etc...

Marvel Future Revolution
Marvel Future Revolution Graphics

As this is just the beta, only 8 characters are available: Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, and Storm. Each of them comes with a different set of skills and difficulty ratings. More characters and customization will be added in future updates.

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