Garena releases events in Free Fire often to help free-to-play players to get items they want at the best price. These events are the best time for players to spend their Diamonds.

Currently, there is a Black Market event in Free Fire that sells items with a great discount. Here is how you can buy items you want in the Free Fire new event Black Market with a 90% discount. This event will last unil January 11.

How to get a 90% discount in the Free Fire Black Market event

First, open Free Fire and log in to your account. Go to the event menu and choose the banner of this Black Market to enter it. On the screen, you will see a menu with items that you can buy from the Black Market.

Black Market Event
The new Black Market Event in Free Fire lets players buy items with a discount of up tp 90%
  • On the first row are items with a 20% discount for bundles and car skins.
  • On the second row are items with a 25% discount for emotes and skins.
  • On the first row are items with a 30% discount for weapon crates.

But that not all, these discounts add up together when you buy more than one item. For example, if you buy 3 items from the first row, you will get a total of 60% discount for the whole.

Black Market Event 90 Off
The amount of discount will add up for each item you buy, up to 90%

So in order to get the 90% maximum discount, you need to buy 3 items from the bottom row. If you only want to buy an item from the top row, you will still want to pick 2 more items on the bottom row because the final price of 3 items will be much cheaper.

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