Naman Mathur or better known as MortaL is one of the most beloved and recognized esports players in India. He has represented India multiple times in an international PUBG Mobile tournament. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone and MortaL was no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic and the PUBG Mobile ban in India has caused him to rethink his plan for the future.

Mortal Naman Mathur
Naman Mathur or better known as MortaL is one of the most beloved and recognized esports players in India

Since the PUBG Mobile ban in India in September, MortaL has been spending most of his time to create new content to enter his fans on YouTube. He tried all kinds of games from Fall Guy, Among Us to different battle royale games such as Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile. MortaL ended the year 2020 being at third place in the ‘Mobile Player of the Year 2020’ category at the E-sports Awards 2020.

What did MortaL learn from 2020?

Mortal feels happy that he and his team can still keep their consistency even though the pandemic and the PUBG Mobile ban happened. As MortaLis a full-time streamer now, he has to find different games to play other than PUBG Mobile. Even though his viewership went down, there are still old viewers who are ready to stay with him no matter what he plays.

How does MortaL feel about his situation now vs back then?

MortaL thinks he was more active when there was a tournament. There was a lot of practicing and competing with many great moments and stress also. When streaming and discovering new games, he feels very stress-free. When PUBG Mobile is back in India, MortaL will mostly take care of his team instead of competing. He will be more of a fifth or sixth player, a mentor for the team.

What challenges do MortaL face while streaming?

MortaL thinks that in streaming, everyone is doing their own things so there is not really a competition. The only problem that he is having is the viewership. Now, it is even hard for MortaL to get 10,00 viewers, unlike before.

How did MortaL feel when he heard of the ban?

The PUBG Mobile ban new spread like wildfire. Mortal contacted Goldy right after to discuss their plan for the future. Before the PUBG Mobile ban, he has never thought of having a backup plan before so he was really concerned. He didn't have any option other than moving on, exploring other games. It was a struggle at first, but then everything turned out alright.

Pubg Mobile Ban In India
PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020

What MortaL thinks about esports being included in the Olympics?

MortaL thinks it is really important for esports to be recognized by conventional sports. There is more than just one game in esports, including mobile games and everyone can now get a medal if they are good enough.

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