Currently, some players are tempted to use hacks or modified APKs to get free diamonds in Free Fire, leading to severe penalties like permanent bans from the game. 

Risks of Free Fire diamond hack OB45 APK

Free Fire Diamond Hacks

If you use the third-party applications or websites in Free Fire, here are the risks you might face:

  • Account stolen: Downloading Free Fire hacks from untrusted sources that ask for your account information can lead to your account being stolen immediately.
  • Permanent ban: Using APKs can result in your account being permanently banned.
  • Temporary suspensions: Genena may temporarily suspend your account. During this period, you won't be able to access your game progress or purchases.

How to get diamonds safely in Free Fire

Free Fire Esports Tournaments

Here are some safe and legitimate ways to get diamonds in Free Fire:

  • Purchase diamonds: This is the most straightforward way to get diamonds in Free Fire. Spend your real money and remember to use the official payment methods offered by Garena to top up money.
  • Events and giveaways: Keep an eye on the official Free Fire social media channels and in-game announcements for events and giveaways to get some diamonds.
  • Redeem codes: You can find these codes on official channels or gaming communities to claim in-game diamonds.
  • Google Opinion Rewards (Android only): By completing short surveys on this app, you can get some credits to purchase in-game diamonds.
  • Esports tournaments (advanced): If you're a professional player, take part in official or community-organized Free Fire esports tournaments. The prizes are generous, offering a lot of diamonds (apart from money).

In conclusion, using the Free Fire Diamond Hack OB45 APK or similar hacks is not right and can be dangerous. If you use these hacks, you might get banned permanently from the game or face security problems. These risks are much bigger than any short-term advantages you might gain. To play Free Fire safely and fairly, it's best to use official ways to get diamonds. If you notice anything strange or suspicious, report it to make sure everyone plays the game fairly.