Hidden Abilities are only available to a number of Pokemon. Although they function similarly to other Abilities in the game, the ‘Mon captured in the wild would never have them. For the unknown, these skills were introduced back in the Pokemon games’ 5th Gen, namely Pokemon Black and White.

Pokémon Sword and Shield was brought forth in 2019 and how to get hidden abilities in Sword and Shield has also been on demand among the player community. Gurugamer.com will elaborate on all the possible methods as well as the best hidden abilities in the game.

Pokemon Sword And Shield
Can you catch ability Pokemon in the wild Sword and Shield?

How to get Hidden Abilities in Sword and Shield

Currently, there are apparently four ways to get the hidden ability in Sword and Shield: Max Raid Battles, using Ability Patch, trading, and breeding Pokemon.

1. Max Raid Battles

From time to time, a Pokemon gained via a Max Raid Battle often happens to own a Hidden Ability. It is the only direct way to earn a Hidden Ability-equipped ‘mon without breeding or trading.

However, bear in mind that not all Pokemon in these Battles will surely have a Hidden skill. To make sure that you do come across one with this kind of ability, check out a notification when the battle starts. The Abilities that come into effect in the battle would showcase on the screen’s left side.

Max Raid Battles how to get hidden abilities in sword and shield
Winning Max Raid Battles may help you gain a Pokemon with a hidden ability.

Some Abilities just trigger on specific events. Hence, try to provoke its Ability and see whether it does own a Hidden Ability.

If players miss it, they can press Y on the joycon and confirm the ability of these Max Raid Pokemons. Post the activation of an Ability during a match, you may also check it anytime you like by choosing Y which reveals all data about the Pokemon.

Checking If A Pokemon Has A Hidden Ability
Make sure to check if the Pokemon has the Hidden Ability.

2. Using Ability Patch

Ability Patch is yet another way of how to get the hidden ability Legendaries in Sword and Shield. It can change the Ability of a Pokemon to a Hidden Ability and can be found in The Crown Tundra.

Obtaining this Patch from trading can last quite a while because it needs 200 Dynite Ore.

Ability Patch
As this is a one-way trip, make a solid decision that you want your Pokemon to have its ability.

3. Trading

Trading with a player or obtaining it from a surprise trade is the easiest way to get a Pokemon with Hidden Ability. The only thing you need is a Hidden Ability-packed Pokemon and those who have not had it will be willing to exchange theirs with you.

Take note that before agreeing to a trade, you can see the stats of the Pokemon which you will receive. Make sure the Pokemon you're receiving has the Hidden Ability you're expecting!

Trading In Swords And Shields
Trading with other players is a common method on how to get hidden abilities in Sword and Shield.

4. Breeding

Can you catch ability Pokemon in the wild Sword and Shield? Sadly, no. That is why you need to take on one of the possible strategies: breeding the Pokemon parents who have Hidden Abilities.

Players can pass the Hidden Ability to the next generation of the Pokemon by taking it to the Pokémon Nursery and breeding it.

  • If your Hidden Ability-equipped Pokemon is female, the offspring will be the same kind which bears a chance of inheriting the Hidden skill.
  • Instead, if it’s a male, the offspring will end up being the same Pokemon as its female partner. This means it will not inherit the Hidden Ability.

On another hand, male Pokemon can put their Hidden Ability across by breeding with Ditto.

Best Hidden Ability Pokemon Sword and Shield

In the current Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are 153 available Hidden Abilities. While they have a massive impact on the gameplay, most of the Hidden Abilities are battle-personalized.

Here are the top 10 best Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield players should take into their consideration.

1. Speed Boost

Speed Boost is an incredibly powerful skill. It raises the user’s speed stat by a stage per turn. It can turn a Kung-Fu chicken into a big threat in the game.

Blaziken already owns a great stat of attack, but it becomes even some notches more phenomenal with this talent.

Speed Boost Blaziken best hidden ability pokemon sword and shield
Speed Boost for Blaziken

2. Unaware

Simply put, Unaware means it ignores the changes of the enemy’s stat in damage calculation. It comprises defense buffs while players attack or every attack buff when you are attacked.

Also, this unbelievable ability nullifies moves such as Clam Mind, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, and more.

3. Technician

This Hidden Ability can give a boost to your Pokemon’s weaker move. It could have not owned this high rank if it were not related to Breloom.

Breloom Technician
Technician powers its Mach Punch and Bullet Seed up.

4. Magic Bounce

Magic Bounce has defined the game’s team compositions ever since its introduction in Gen V.

The Hidden Ability can reflect every stat lowering move, status condition moves, as well as the entry hazards that foes try to embed on the ‘mon with the skill.

5. Contrary

Those who want to learn how to get hidden abilities in Sword and Shield will also like Contrary. It can inverse every change to a Pokemon’s state stages.

There are many attacks that decrease your stats when you utilize them. However, Contrary increases the boost stats instead.

6. Unburden

When the player loses the held item, Unburden will double its speed. Also, it includes various items like focus sash, berries, and moves like Knock Off.

The abilities have an insane level of coverage.

 7. Poison Heal

The hidden ability has been available for a few years now and its effectiveness remains undampened.

Whenever the player is poised, Poison Heal would heal health. Sounds simple enough, but it gets incredible when you combine it with the Toxic Orb.

8. Moody

The niche ability can turn humble Pokemon into monsters. On each turn, it increases a random stat by +2 and lowers another by -1.

More importantly, Bidoof and Bibarel can both get this hidden ability.

Bidoof And Bibarel Moody
Bidoof and Bibarel

9. Multiscale

It is exclusive to Dragonite and Lugi which are both incredible Pokémon.

Multiscale decreases damage by 50% when your Pokémon takes damage at the max health.

10. Scrappy

Scrappy lets players hit ghost-kind Pokémon with moves that couldn’t otherwise. In other words, it lets you False Swipe ghosts.

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