It is natural for players to opt for weapons without mass destructing ability like a rifle when they have to plunder a crate or a house, thus grenades and the like are usually over-looked. Whenever a player starts the game, they are somehow convinced that conventional weapons are the best way forward to get the chicken dinner. This assumption costs them a huge opportunity to be a better player in PUBG mobile.

There is a reason for PUBG mobile developers to leave all kinds of grenades all over the maps.

In Vikendi, Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok, it is highly likely that you will encounter Smoke Grenades or Frag Grenades. Apart from these two, there are also Molotov cocktail and Stun Grenades, which are rarer than the Smoke and the Frag and players pay no attention to all of them.

A large number of seasoned players will recommend applying a wise game plan and lots of machine guns to gain the victory, but even they do not think of the benefits hand-thrown weapons bring, especially at the end of a match.

With grenades, players may have more advantages when a match is drawing to an end. Here is how you can do it:

How To Best Use Each Grenade

Frag Grenades

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Frag grenade after a kill

You will find this weapon in a large number in PUBG mobile. It is easy to use and does not require any kind of complicated strategy. When you need to eliminate your enemies, choose the frag grenade from the menu and aim it at your opponents.

If you worry about your aiming ability, there will be a flight path there to help. This feature goes by default with grenades so you do not have to activate anything.

When you have set the trajectory, release the grenade to fire it. The frag grenade has mass destruction so if your enemy does not know you are there, this might be a quick kill.

The frag grenade in PUBG mobile acts like a real one so it will have most of the features you find in a grenade in real life. When you want to take out enemies near a window without giving away your whereabouts, the frag grenade is one of the best choices.

However, note that you need to throw it away quickly or it will go off at your position. Also, make sure that you are out of the blast area before you activate the grenade.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenade in action

The Smoke Grenade may not take out your enemies directly but it does not mean it is absolutely useless.

When you need to break free from a trap or open fire without revealing your exact location, this hand-thrown weapon might come in handy. Or when you need to plunder but do not want to alert the snipers, the Smoke Grenade is what you are looking for.

This grenade is best paired with a player with good rifle skills as it will surely attract attention. Keep in mind that when players are surrounded by a thick layer of smoke, they tend to open fire in every direction so take this into account when you plan your attack.

Molotov Cocktail

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Molotov cocktail

Another grenade that does not have the destruction of the Frag but is useful in a lot of situation.

When you cannot get your enemies with guns, maybe because they are hiding behind cover, the Molotov cocktail can force them to abandon their positions. Or when the enemy is approaching you, this grenade can drive them away.

If you decide to use this grenade, note that while the Molotov cocktail does cause damage, it cannot finish off your enemy, so make sure your rifle is loaded.

Stun grenades

Ed0dd40a Pubg Grenade
Stun grenade

A lot of time, what gives you away is the sounds of your footsteps. To temporarily cause the enemy to lose their senses and eliminate that disadvantage of yours, use the Stun grenade. It will make a loud noise when it goes off, making it easier for you to move without alerting them.

The Stun grenade cannot apply any physical harm to your enemy so only use it when you need to sneak away or plan a surprise attack.

How To Choose The Right Grenade

For a typical space in player’s backpack, 2 Smoke grenades, 1 Molotov cocktail, and three Frag grenades are the ideal supply. In case you have room for one more, pack a Stun grenade.

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