Free Fire is going to have a major update with many changes, the OB26 update, which is coming on February 4.

We have revealed many new features and updates of the OB26 update in previous articles such as the new training mode, new character, and new pet. But it turns out that there is still one more new feature coming in the next update.

Free Fire Ob26 Update Details D78f
Free Fire Ob26 Update is an upcoming major update with many changes and new features

This feature is called Radio Commands. Are you curious about what this feature does and how to use it? Let's go and find out.

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Free Fire Radio Commands

You might have already guessed from the name, the Radio Commands feature lets you send commands to other players in your teams using preset messages. This feature will make the game easier for people who can't use voice chat. There is also an option to block Radio Commands from teammates if they are annoying you by spamming them.

Being able to communicate well is a very important factor to win in Dou and Squad mode. Especially when you engage enemies, you would want your team to stay together and fight together, not one by one.

Free Fre Radio Commands
Players will be able to send quick messages to their teammate using the Radio Commands feature in the next update

Free Fire was not the first battle royale game to use this feature. PUBG Mobile actually had this feature from the beginning and it is very helpful for players.

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