Just a while ago, Chinese tech company Huawei introduce to the world their newest smartphone - Huawei Mate 20 X. It's a premium Android phone, which features a 7.2 inches AMOLED screen, Kirin 980 chipset, 6GB RAM, and 5000mAh battery. The phone will be available starting from October 26th, with the price tag of 1,000 USD.

That's no surprise, since we are living at a time where a thousand dollar smartphone are nothing crazy anymore. So, yeah, just a expensive premium smartphone from Huawei. A good one, too.

Huawei Mate 20 X hands on

Until the company claims that Huawei Mate 20 X is a better portable gaming device than Nintendo Switch.

Are you for real, Huawei?

According to those who attends the Mate 20 X event, the phone is a product that's aims to target the same market with Nintendo Switch. That's the portable gaming market, which Nintendo Switch are currently at the top due to the device versatility. The success of Switch comes from the ability to "switch" between a handheld device and a console in a flash. At home, you put the Switch into its dock, and it becomes a console. But you can also take it along with you to enjoy games on-the-go, too.

So, Mate 20 X is a device from Huawei with the ambition of grabbing a slice from Nintendo's biggest market at the moment. The company even compare both their device and Nintendo Switch side-by-side.

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Huawei: Mate 20 X have better battery, so it's better

According to the Chinese mobile maker, Mate 20 X is better than Switch, thanks to its 7.2 inch 1080p OLED screen, and 5000mAh battery that'll provide about 6.7 hours play time. They even outright call Mate 20 X: "the best portable gaming machine".

But, Huawei seems to forgot one thing: In the gaming world, the higher specs device might not be the better gaming device. Because if that's true, then all consoles will lose to a gaming PC.

Of course, we can't deny that specs and battery life is important to a portable device. But not the most important thing, for sure. The device need to have a lot of great games, too. And that's the thing that make Nintendo Switch superior to all Android device at the moment.

Let's not forget the case of PSVita from the past. The problem of not enough good games makes this device became Sony's failure. That's also the reason why so many people still considered that PSP is superior than PSVita, despite the fact PSP is the older gaming device.

PSVita is a cool device, yet it failed, due to lack of games

Android currently have so many kinds of games, but at least for now, there are not enough great games to make an Android device a winner against a portable system like Nintendo Switch. Especially when Switch now having so many great games with AAA quality.

Mate 20 X is no doubt, a great Android phone. But it might fall, because of picking the wrong opponent.